Domains do not have to be expensive to be good

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Domains do not have to be expensive to be good, there are even companies that offer a free domain when purchasing a hosting plan (as with Hosting24 ) but they do have to consider these basic considerations. Easy to memorize. You have to start from the premise of what the domains were created for. WhenRead More

Cool Looks Ideas

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┬áDon’t they say that it is in winter that people get more stylish? We think so too! During this season, there are countless possibilities for looks for the cold. However, not everyone is comfortable when it comes to putting together a warm combination. Thinking about it, we separated some ideas for you to assemble yourRead More

Style Tips Trends Styling Tricks

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We continually preserve a few traditional and critical portions withinside the closet, as is the case with the white blouse. In addition to being taken into consideration a key piece in a ladies’s wardrobe, it’s far a undying traditional. Although style is regularly revived and tendencies change, the white blouse is continually an alternative whileRead More


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 Style Tips Trends Styling Tricks When we enter the stores and see that infinity of options, we cannot imagine how judicious the selection process is before reaching those racks, right? But did you know that those pieces, many of them trends of the season, were enunciated by the most powerful brands in the world manyRead More



Image and Style Tips Trends Styling Tricks You followed a little bit through my social networks the coverage of fashion, lifestyle and beauty I did in Paris with the girls #descomplicadas (@ Well, I made a compilation of the trends that took place at Paris Fashion Week, which is the hottest fashion week, thatRead More

What is an IP address?

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What is an “IP address”? The IP address (abbreviated most often only IP ) is a numeric label placed on any device (server / laptop, smartphone, etc.) connected to the Internet (IP = Internet Protocol); a data transmission protocol between two devices. The IP address acts as a unique identifier throughout the network and isRead More

Basic specifications of web servers

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There are 3 basic components of any server that will indicate to you with great accuracy the power of the chosen hosting package. These are: Processors – Nicknamed the “brain” of your servers. Most servers contain multi-core processors that make it easy to start various tasks quickly and efficiently. In general, complex websites and applicationsRead More