50 Shopify stores to inspire you

Today we present a series of well-designed Shopify stores to inspire you, in case you plan to open your own store .

Visit them and see their strengths: company logo and captivating product photos, high-impact visual branding, well-defined navigation elements, simple and intuitive layout, persuasive call-to-action buttons .

The 50 best Shopify stores to inspire you

1. Haus

The Haus furniture and homeware shop adopts a modern and elegant design, which reflects the aesthetics of the products.

2. The Critical Slide Society

The Critical Slide SocietyThe Australian company The Critical Slide Society sells clothing with a website that is simple in design and intuitive to navigate. The white background leaves room for the products, highlighting them.

3. Study Proper

Studio Proper’s tagline – “Simplifying everyday experiences with technology” – is applicable to both products and the site, both simple and minimalist.

4. Tluxe

Tluxe |  50 Shopify storesWinner of the Good Design Award 2018 , Tluxe presents only two central elements on the homepage in addition to the navigation menu: a large banner image and the Instagram feed.

5. Quad Lock

Quad Lock

An animated GIF with products in action, product collections organized by category (bikes, motorcycles, cars, running) and social proofs with logos come together for Quad Lock, the next among the examples of Shopify stores on our list .

6. The Modern Shop

The Modern Shop emphasizes products through the minimalist design of its website, with the white background and blue details.

7. Brilliant

Among the Shopify stores, Brilliant’s is simple but captivating, thanks to the essential product photography and some touches of color.

8. The Candi Factory

The Candi Factory has a simple white background and funny product photos. This brand with a strong personality favors the users’ shopping experience , essential for generating conversions.

9. 49th Parallel Roasters

49th Parallel Roasters enhances coffee with a simple approach to its Shopify store. High-quality photography, combined with some fun illustrations, instills personality into a minimalist design.

10. 18 Karat Wholesale

The 18 Karat Wholesale wholesaler creates collections that are easy for buyers to find and browse. This is a strategic move, because wholesale is aimed at a different audience than that of consumers.

11. Luxy Hair

One of the best minimalist design Shopify stores is Luxy Hair. White background, simple call-to-action buttons and focus on product benefits help to arouse strong interest among online shoppers.

12. Biko

You will find only four navigation options, but countless product photos on the minimal Biko website. The goal is to highlight the products, guiding users along the purchase path.

13. Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine manages to convey the joy and light-heartedness inherent in its brand identity even through a simple design. Instead of a crowded website, use vivid photos to convey the brand.


UNCONDITIONAL is another example of a white background website in our Shopify store list. To instill personality in the brand, use product photography .

15. Hiut Denim Co.

The Shopify Hiut Denim Co. store almost looks like a newspaper or an editorial site. It deviates from the typical aspect of ecommerce sites, offering customers an immersive and content-rich shopping experience.

16. Tanner Goods

The Shopify Tanner Goods store is understated and elegant. He manages to put his leather products and accessories at the center of the scene, maintaining an intuitive and easy to navigate layout.

17. Studio Neat

Like Studio Proper, Studio Neat also focuses its shop on the product. The homepage is characterized by large boxes and high quality photos.

18. So Worth Loving

So Worth Loving is among the Shopify stores with a white background, but uses a color palette that adds a touch of color to the site.

19. Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab is another one of the Shopify stores that uses a simple design to highlight its lively and fun product photos.

20. Hardgraft

Hardgraft is a sophisticated brand and its website is rightly just as elegant and refined. The light gray background is a differentiator compared to other stores of this kind.