More and more merchants are relying on the Internet to sell online. Many decide to place an e-commerce site alongside their physical store, while others prefer to rely solely on the web channel to offer their products and services to the whole world. This phenomenon now involves customers of all nationalities, who order their items remotely, regardless of the opening and closing hours. If you want to sell online, surely e-commerce is an opportunity to be seized and can have several advantages, but at the same time, it hides some negative sides that should be considered. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of an e-commerce .

Why should you open an online store?

The web is a perfect world to make contacts with customers: in this sales paradise, the shutters never go down and customers can arrive from different places at the same speed, in the time of a click. There are no weekends, holidays and other closing days. All these advantages are precluded to a physical store, which must follow specific opening hours and has a well-defined geographical address. This is not the case with e-commerce: all people who access the internet become potential customers . They don’t even need a PC anymore, today a smartphone is enough to buy on the web. Another advantage of e-commerce is savings: it is not necessary to rent a place or hire the necessary staff to run a traditional shop. Not to mention bills and other utilities, which a website does not require. In short, the costs to open an e-commerce are lower than those of a traditional shop. With e-commerce, even a small company , with a not too demanding budget, can start selling online: the Internet in this case can be a launching pad not to be underestimated. This speech is particularly valid for those who sell niche products, which if in a store they can be purchased by a select few, on the Internet they manage to produce turnover, even very high. The success of e-commerce owes a lot to the niches: here the merchants of specific products have finally been able to find not only a greater number of customers, but also of the communities of enthusiasts initially active on thematic forums, then with blogs and social networks. If you want to buy a steampunk hat, a cosplay costume or a wagon of Chinese nudolini, you can find them on the Internet. Finally, the network allows you to trace the customer more and more precisely: today there are many analysis tools that allow you to reach the target, creating effective promotional messages. Thus, it is possible to implement a  targeted marketing strategy without investing a fortune. These are the most obvious advantages, which can encourage even a small company to invest on the web with its e-commerce . However, as a level playing field, it is also necessary to mention the disadvantages that an activity of this type entails.