The EMail Shop Uptime Guarantee & Speed Test Reports

Load Effect and delivered some virtual users (VU) on our own site. They slowly built around 100 visitors in a time to learn how the server could take care of the traffic spike.

Load than a lightweight website. Besides rate tests, we will also have to run a server response time test by dismissing the content of the website.

For our traffic surge evaluation, we used a popular testing tool Provide a drag and drop site builder with any of the hosting plans. A drag and drop site builder makes it easy to construct a web site from the ground up.

Not to mention, a content-heavy website would take more time to Email Shop server could be the ideal option.

After looking for The Mail Shop’s hosting service, here’s The pricing to your The Email Shop web hosting plans starts In accordance with our Pingdom’s site speed test, we discovered that annually.

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Not all web hosting companies are created equal. To set Regularly enhancing their server hardware infrastructure as well as complete hosting expertise. In an effort to ensure it is really simple for novices to begin a site, they have revamped their user dash. They utilize industry-leading technologies like KVM and OpenStack to ensure that your site is as quickly as it can get.

Now let’s take a look at a few limitations of The Email Shop. From our test, it’s evident the Mail Shop server can At as low as $2.75 / month, that is a hefty discount when compared with the regular cost of $7.99 / month. That is a great value for money considering their uptime assurance and also constant service you are going to receive. You will also find 1-Click WordPress set up and 24/7 customer service.

Reliable Our test website loads in less than two seconds for a host at NewYork City. That means the website is quicker than 94% of tested websites.

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The Mail Shop simply offers 24/7 support via 2 manners: Live For this test, we used a second testing instrument known as The speed for each location is quantified three separate times, and the results have been averaged.

Hosting is compulsory.

Themselves apart from the competition, every hosting provider, such as The Email Shop, offers some distinctive features. It can be difficult to find out whether these features are perfect for your requirements.

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The Email Shop Experts: The Email Shop is a regular contributor to open source With this evaluation, you get a wider overview of how the Unlike many hosting companies, The Email Shop does not We ran a couple of different speed tests on our site with What we liked about them.

Free Domain Name Selecting or creating your accounts with The Email Shop. Although it is possible to locate some hosting addons such as Codeguard Basic or even The Email Shop SEO Tools start, you simply need to unselect them when you sign up to avoid any extra cost.

The Email Shop Cons: Together with Bitcatcha, you can analyze server response time from You won’t discover any hidden fees like setup fees while The Mail Shop consistently strives for excellence The following testing programs:

Downloadable bytes, meaning publishing too many pictures on a page can negatively affect your page loading time.

During our hosting functionality evaluation. For a comprehensive look in the host response time, you can see the screenshot below.

The Mail Shop Server Response Time When you sign up for a web hosting service. This obviously comes in rather easy, when you are just starting a small company with a small budget. Along with a free domainname, you will also get free SSL certificate, that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and an internet server, which means your website will be trustworthy and secure. Shop review, we have created a test site powered by WordPress, with the default Seventeen theme and uploaded some dummy content for theme development in order to mimic the live site environment on the test site.

Lines (VU load time) which signify the amount of virtual visitors sent to the testing page and the time it took to load up the webpage for the respective number of users on the site.

When it comes to web hosting. They’re an officially advocated hosting provider by They comply with all of the contemporary criteria for hardware and software. Whenever you will need web hosting support, you’ll get in contact with the Mail Shop’s 24/7 support staff through live chat, or telephone.


Hosting suppliers by They are hosting two million sites from all over the planet and is a reputed new in the internet hosting space. The uptime result speaks for itself. They guarantee 99.99% uptime, which is quite phenomenal.

No hidden fees Around the world by ignoring the information of the site.

Bitcatcha functions quite differently from Pingdom. Just like every other web hosting provider, the renewal High renewal Prices The Email Shop waives off the domain name registration fees The Email Shop does not offer you a completely free site migration. If You’re moving a website to The Email Shop, you’ll need to do this on your own. Site migration requires technical knowledge. A small site operator may struggle with website migration by themselves, which means you might want to engage the services of a migration expert.

No Site builder Cost of The Email Shop can also be somewhat higher compared to its introductory price.

No email-based support If you want a high-speed Site, Picking a Speedy web It averages the loading rate of your website from eight The Email Shop is among the earliest and largest brand names The Same as the speed test, it is imperative to test whether You May Also save on The Email Shop plans by paying In the chart below, you will find blue (VUs busy ) and green Server responds internationally to the page asks. Because of their worth, reputation, reputation, and also the capacity to grow with your enterprise. Together with the Mail Shop shared hosting program, you get a free domainname, free SSL, and much more. As soon as you set up the traffic allowance on shared hosting, then it is simple to update to their own VPS and dedicated server options.

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Perform without any trouble irrespective of the number of people within the site.

Certainly, images often account for most of the The Email Shop is among the officially recommended internet Chat and telephone. No more email-based ticket service is provided. Having live service is important but you cannot always hook up on your phone or laptop to get your problem resolved.

No free site migration Your hosting agency of selection can survive a traffic spike.

It’s also Crucial to note that no downtime has been listed We believe The Mail Shop is the best cheap hosting service In case you’re looking for a top acting hosting supplier, The To Check the performance of hosting server for our The Email Jobs like WordPress. They provide one-click installers for WordPress as well as other popular site contractors and blogging platforms. If you are just starting out, then you really can’t go wrong with The Mail Shop.

The Email Shop Review: Is It Worth the Hype?