Basic specifications of web servers

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There are 3 basic components of any server that will indicate to you with great accuracy the power of the chosen hosting package. These are:

Processors – Nicknamed the “brain” of your servers. Most servers contain multi-core processors that make it easy to start various tasks quickly and efficiently. In general, complex websites and applications will run faster with faster processors. It’s logic.

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Memory (RAM) – Memory is vital for all operations on a server, as it allows access to information without read / write operations on the server’s storage drive. Even a personal blog needs a sufficient amount of memory, thanks to CMS applications such as WordPress.
Disk space – Finally, disk space determines the total size of files that you can store on a server. From images to HTML files, you need a lot of storage space for an e-commerce site with hundreds of products, for example. An SSD package can give you more speed and reliability.
Scalability, traffic peaks and the so-called “Hug of Death”

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Each website must take into account one element – the peak traffic, which is the number of users who will try to access the site at a key time. For corporate websites, this usually happens after sending an important newsletter. If you have an e-commerce site, the peak of traffic takes place during its season: it can be Black Friday, the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, etc.Personal websites can experience massive increases in traffic at some point. This happens when they are connected by very popular sites with huge traffic. The content of the site goes viral, the whole process is known as “Slashdot effect” or “the Hug of Death.”

The danger of being unprepared and losing money

If your server can’t handle a high peak of traffic, it will either slow down or stop shutting down. This can be quite dangerous for website owners. If your site is inaccessible even when it is most accessed, you risk losing sales, ads, image, total revenue. Of course, competing sites with similar content to yours will take advantage of your vulnerable moment.

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Choosing a web hosting package that copes with peak traffic
Content delivery networks (CDN) can help you successfully deal with the most important moments recorded by your site. But the real tool of measuring your site to maintain high levels of traffic peaks is the chosen web hosting package.

Returning to the idea of ​​scalability, there are two elements that matter: the current power of the server and the ability to adjust that power.


Many hosting solutions allow you to modify server resources according to your needs. As the traffic changes, you can also change your plan to truly meet the needs of your site. Scalability is therefore the most important thing when choosing a package, especially if you have in mind the permanent vision of growing your project.

If you are not sure how to deal with the needs of your site, or how to choose the right package and server, we at GlobeHosting are at your disposal to answer your questions and concerns.