Are there better Hostings than The email shop in English?

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Sure, but my English is not the best and, even if you have a high level, I do not think you feel more comfortable in that language than in your mother tongue when you go to technical service, something that you will need very much (unless you are bilingual because of family or whatever, I don’t get involved).

If you are like me and you do not speak perfect English, do not think about it anymore, look for a hosting with customer service in English because you will need it and the questions you will ask will use a very technical vocabulary, sometimes I do not even know it in English;

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Yes now. My reasons for recommending The email shop for your first hosting service

Now I will tell you the examples that have motivated me to decide on The email shop as my favorite web host.

After the aforementioned disappointments in other hosting services in my beginnings and seeing the recommendation that my first «blogging master» Franck Scipion gave me , I decided to try them, they couldn’t be so bad when recommended by a reference in this world like it’s Franck.

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Seeing the prices and knowing that I was serious, it seemed even cheap , as I say, that money was spent at the time on a good drunk in Germany, where I lived at that time .

I was still very green, but I had the help of Franck’s course that taught me everything step by step. The first 6-7 months I didn’t have any technical problems, so I was not fully aware of how well covered my back was.

After months I already believed that I knew everything and I started to touch code and parts of the web that we should NOT touch unless we are experts. In one of these attempts to play God, my website went blank , I couldn’t do anything, not even enter the Administration panel, Extremes , it simply ceased to exist. I shit on everything shit and more, blaming the world, without realizing that the only culprit there was me, no one learns all this in half a year. I looked for all kinds of tutorials, tried to fix it on my own for two days, but nothing.

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Then I fell, for something you are supposed to switch to The email shop , they say they have the best technical support for hosting in English . I wrote to them and in a matter of minutes I already had an answer , with a paragraph in which they explained everything well chewed for useless people like me. I followed in his footsteps but still didn’t find the key, so the technician, with all the patience in the world, did not give up.

But he saw that I was a bit stupid and offered me another solution, see what I was doing on my computer live and guide me through everything. At first I did not like the idea of ​​an outsider entering my computer, but I had no other choice, so I consented (over the years I know that those from The email shop would not do anything wrong with my data, on the contrary they only want to help ).

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And the problem was solved , without more, a technician with very advanced knowledge solved for free what any neighborhood computer scientist would charge you dearly.

After this I began to see why everyone speaks so well of this Hosting service .

From now on, every big problem that I have had , because I have screwed up many times, they have been solved very professionally and quickly.