Women on the Scene: Santiago de Compostela Trail

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Do you know those moments of change, when we feel that we need to look inside and understand ourselves better?

That’s what happened to businesswoman Adriana Lotaif. The paulistana made the backpack and decided to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, which inspires our new Buen Camino collection.
She left Portugal and, for 6 days, walked, walked and walked. The sound of the batons hitting the floor sounded like music in his ears, like the soundtrack of this trip that challenged not only his physical side, but also his spiritual side. He still listens to this song when he is reflecting on life.
Santiago de Compostela Trail
Transforming experience
She left there transformed: “There is something there that happens to be magical khaadi sale , it has a very special energy. The path is full of symbology, you take the shells out of our life in São Paulo. This thing about us protecting ourselves, closing ourselves off. There you open, surrender. It is a team spirit, that you help others. It is very wonderful, ”he says.
Because of that experience, today he feels like a better person. Above all, more human, as well as more open, with a desire to connect with people, with nature, with the earth. “Understanding that the world is a great symbiosis, everything is connected. We have to understand that and live up to that value ”.

Santiago de Compostela Trail

After the Camino de Santiago route, Adriana felt inspired both personally and professionally. She experienced profound reflections, connected with herself and, thus, resignified her own life.
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