Finally, the new WITT collection is heading for sunny times by placing blue in the spotlight.

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Consistently stylish lovely blue, relaxed denim blue, bright turquoise blue or pastel blue to get a soft look, you are free to choose your favorite blue.

In a chic edition, this can offer a navy blue and white blouse worn on broad pants with navy blue bridge. In cooler style, we adopt the blue butterfly print T-shirt on jeans: an easy-going ensemble when waiting for summertime!

Woman style
Let yourself be seduced by the new WITT set and its vibrant outfits that will breathe a sense of gaiety into your spring wardrobe. For the new season, we provide you with three inspirations.
Woman fashion

Stripes are just another classic fashion theme, which comes in several ways.

We will fall for the vibrant stripe, at a bayadere stripe soul, on a fluid shirt perfect with jeans. The marine style is obviously crucial in summer. The sailor shirt is a vital part of the fashion wardrobe and the WITT collection requires this garment with design: autumn to get the 2 in 1 t-shirt which combines a striped top and an elegant white shirt. At length, the stripe gets graphic chic on a aerial shirt that dares layering and asymmetry.
The fad is blue
In the WITT collection, polka dots are available in many ways. We love the classic designer dresses pakistani, and that we adopt in a casual way on a tiny easy-going sweater with jeans. At length, the polka dots will be posh on a twin-set mixing a cardigan and a tiny nice blouse with navy blue polka dots on a light background: a great combination for a little retro look! Vintage, polka dots are a totally crucial motif in the apparel of elegant ladies.
Polka dots and stripes, the patterns of the season
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New collection
Choosing a pattern is above all a question of personal taste. But we could also wonder about the print that will be the most appropriate according to our morphology. General advice? For marginally round body contours, we favor quite small patterns. But over all we be certain that the garment falls: it is often the quality of the fabric that will make the difference. In case you hesitate to embrace polka dots, then rest assured: it is a classic pattern, really timeless, which satisfies everybody. As for stripes, they’re more delicate to wear. We recommend horizontal stripes to tall girls because they tend to get a packing effect. Vertical stripes, which lengthen the silhouette, are generally flattering on more rounded body types.
Woman fashion

To put in spring easily, we focus on contrasting games:

black remains the foundation of the shape, but it is connected with milder, more vivid shades. It is possible to select between red and white, for graphic silhouettes, or beige, to play elegance. We especially like the black and beige knit jacket, perfect with a skirt or black trousers to get a classic chic appearance. For a more modern appearance, we fall for a red tank top, simple to combine with black or white, or even both! This red top whose seams are highlighted with a black braid will be ideal with a black jacket and white pants, or the opposite.
As a prelude to sunny days, it is also possible to opt for a distinctive blend, mixing army-trend khaki and feminine pink because you desire. Witt supplies you with a cute T-shirt that perfectly combines floral prints along with a camouflage pattern in all colors of khaki green. The other strong pieces of the trend? The khaki color goes with light pink, naked or powdery pink, but also with white, beige or to get more pep red and orange.