Domains do not have to be expensive to be good

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Domains do not have to be expensive to be good, there are even companies that offer a free domain when purchasing a hosting plan (as with Hosting24 ) but they do have to consider these basic considerations.

Easy to memorize. You have to start from the premise of what the domains were created for. When the Internet began to be used, there were very few web pages, so it was not difficult to have a list with them, but today there are millions and, every day, new ones are created. It is for this reason that you have to try at all costs that the name you choose is one that the public can easily remember by association. As much as you want to have an original name (as Apple was in its day), you must bear in mind that, unless it is a brand already established with something like this, you will be losing potential customers because, first of all , There will not be many who associate that name with something similar to laptops or mobiles. The simpler and more concise it is, the better. Even when opting for your own brand.

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Identifiable . It is, simply, to continue in the line of the previous point and that it is clear with the domain itself what is being offered, although it may seem very obvious. If, for example, vehicles are rented, a good domain would be ‘vehicle rental’. So much so that domains of this style are usually already in operation or there are companies that have taken over them to resell them. With something as simple as this we will benefit from the ‘keywords’ or keywords. That is, of those terms that the public uses by default when they are looking for a specific good or service. And this, in turn, helps the positioning of the web.

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Add extras . Always without exceeding the length of the domain, if what you want is to stand out for something, there are those who have decided to highlight it in the same domain using words such as ‘fast’ or ‘cheap’ Although it is true that this can help in a certain way not It is less so that the system used by search engines has become very complicated over the years and getting among the first results of a search engine is much more complex than this. Now the most used is the generic word together with the brand that you want to promote.

Limits . Those letters that are only found in some languages, as well as accents, are out of the equation from minute one. This is something that must be taken into account when referring to products from Spain, for example.

The extension . It is very likely that you have noticed that not all domains end the same way. There are the ‘.com’, the ‘.net’ or the ‘.es’, for example. Experts in this field usually advise getting hold of the ‘.com’ and then carrying out an SEO strategy for each geographic area that you want to cover. That’s right, if the target audience is in Spain, the domain should be a ‘.es’. If the forecast is to grow, it is better to get hold of all the domain extensions that may be of interest from the start.

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Visual cleaning . No entanglement and, incidentally, entangle the reader with characters such as hyphens or numbers. It may be the ideal for yourself and after much thought it ends up looking like the best option, but it is not for two reasons. The first is that the main search engine today (ie Google) does not support these types of domains very much and it is important to get along with this giant. The second is that it is very likely that more than one person will end up forgetting whether or not they had a domain, where it was going or which number was correct. Better to avoid these kinds of problems.

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Check the web . Because the domain itself in which you are interested may still be available but this does not necessarily mean that this association of ideas is not already being used elsewhere, as is the case for example with Social Networks. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile to keep looking so you don’t have to struggle with this from minute one.

The combination of OneDrive storage service with online software to create and edit documents. This service gives you a free centralized account through the Microsoft account that integrates all its services, including the Outlook email service.

In its free plan, you have 5GB of storage to sync and create documents that you can then easily share via email or link . You have two types of permissions to grant, the viewing permission, which is read-only, and the editing permission to make changes and modifications.

The types of files that you can create and edit in this cloud are:

Word document.

Excel workbook.

Power Point presentation.

OneNote Notepad.

Excel survey.

Plain text document.

In addition, it integrates with other provider services. The most recent is Microsoft Teams with which you can manage all aspects of your team and improve communication through services such as: chats, video calls, files and applications in a shared space.

# 2: Google Drive + Google Docs :

This combination is in direct competition with the traditional office software provider. It has been so popular that it is widely adopted despite having no desktop software to back it up.

This type of service runs completely in the cloud so you don’t have to install anything locally , so you can access it from anywhere, even mobile devices, although only with an internet connection.

The types of files that you can create and edit in this cloud are:

Google document.

Google spreadsheets.

Google Presentations.

Google Forms.

Google drawings.

Google Jamboard (Interactive Whiteboard)

Google Sites (Web Pages)

As you can see, many of the files are equivalent to Microsoft’s, they even have compatibility with these so that you can import them. The permitting system works similarly to the competitor’s and their free plan gives you 15GB of storage.

# 3: Pydio :

A file management system that can be installed on your own server with which you can manage where and how these are stored. You will also be responsible for security, maintenance, installation of updates and any other related tasks.

This class of systems has become very popular since the scandals of theft of information to users on third-party servers, so if your information is very important to your company or team, you will be more than willing to invest time in these platforms.

In conclusion, the cloud not only provides a space for collaboration to be technically possible, but also provides ease of use, management and collaboration in real time . Users are able to edit the same file simultaneously with other team members, and where the changes appear in a version history that eliminates the need for numerous copies and distribution of these by email.