How to wear sneakers with a dress


From sportswear to sportswear icon , today it is a perfect complement to the look.

Tennis has won over those who like practical and comfy fashion, but don’t want to lose style.

If we couldn’t imagine tennis outside the gym, nowadays it is impossible to live without it. Whether to create a more casual mood in formal looks, or for busy days. After all, there is nothing like running with a beautiful sporting pair, without neglecting fashion information.

What does that mean? Well, the time has passed since the pants were the perfect combination of these  shoes. Today, they invade the most varied looks. Not only those with a cool footprint, but also the most feminine and fresh.

Therefore, we have prepared infallible tips on how to wear sneakers with a dress and skirt. So, you take the khaadi  visual from the obvious and give a twist on thousand productions.

Short with shortskhaadi

Few looks can be more youthful than combining short lengths with a pair of sneakers. And here are worth miniskirts of all styles. For example: floral or jeans, through tailoring models. They all renew themselves with sneakers. It is also a way to move around with more freedom and comfort around.

In average
The midi length also fits this proposal perfectly. The tip here is to bring a more sporty scent to a more classic look. To break the seriousness of a pencil skirt or create an interesting contrast with floral skirts and dresses. Without a doubt, a cool and feminine option to wear day and night.

Between longs

Long pieces also gain extra charm with sneakers. Here it is also worth following the play of contrasts. Mix the pair of sneakers with a long flowing floral and superfeminine dresses.

Not only the prints, perfect for everyday life, but also the plain ones in more sophisticated  ideas gul ahmed fabrics. The result will be the perfect mix between the modern and the elegant. Infallible!

In addition to the style, we cannot comment on the comfort dose of going out with sneakers. For that we love lighter models, with neutral colors that go well with everything. To walk well accompanied there!