Think of the classics in your closet. Did jeans come to your head?

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esire jeans

We bet yes. After all, his versatility and possibilities are endless. From pants to overalls, the fabric is always present in any look. Today we’re going to talk about how to match jeans for any occasion, from work to happy hour .

History of jeans
About 200 years ago, jeans entered our lives and have never left since. In 1792, the French city of Nimes, was made the denim , but not as we know it today. Before that, in 1851, Levi Strauss created the first pieces of this classic.

It all started when he migrated from Germany to the United States and was still thinking about working selling tools. Amid the Gold Rush, he saw another sales opportunity.

That’s because he realized the workers’ need for more resistant clothing. It was then that he decided to invest in khaadi online clothing and took French denim to this audience.

Jacob Davis, who was a tailor, was Levi Strauss’ partner in selling jeans.

Davis was responsible for inserting zippers in the models. Initially, the pieces were used only by workers who saw in their structure the practicality and durability they needed.

In 1853, the duo patented the jeans and, thus, gave the start that resulted in the success that the jeans pieces still have today. But after that big step, it still took about 80 years before jeans actually left the mining fields until they hit the streets.

Taking a leap in time, today jeans are the darling of the day’s looks and appear in the most varied versions. Pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, shirts, overalls and so on. The fits are constantly updated, the models are redesigned, but he remains firm on top of the fashion podium.

Mom jeans
How to combine jeansmariab

If we look at photos from the 1980s and 1990s, we realize that mom jeans were the mariab favorites of the time. Well, as fashion is cyclical and everything that goes, for an hour or another, for a few seasons, the high waist + straight shape combo made its revival and never left the productions.

Versatility is the hallmark of jeans and moms don’t go out of that way. When composing the look, bet on tees for more casual and funky moments. But to enter the elegant mode, it is worth investing in shirts, blazers and a good jump.

Skinny pants

How to combine jeans

Basic, but nothing boring , the jeans here appear in a fair version from start to finish. Skinny pants are wild for all the time. They go well with several pieces and are uncomplicated for life.

The skinny model transitions between several occasions. On the scale of the practicality + fashion information combo, your score is very high. Therefore, it is worth using several blouse models, from long sleeve to croppeds . And when temperatures start to drop, a jacket and blazer are most welcome.

Cigarrete pants
How to combine jeans

The cigarrete is yet another model of skinny jeans that cannot be left out. Its straight and adjusted modeling became a hit from the 1950s, marking presence in the looks of icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Do not hesitate when choosing a cigarillo to call your own. She goes well with work looks , accompanied by tailoring shirts, as well as being featured in more casual productions combined with sneakers and uncomplicated blouses.

Flare pants
How to combine jeans

The flare pants get a little out of the tight approach and bring more movement to the look. Combined with wide-shaped blouses, they bring boho chic perfume to the production. Worth investing without fear of being happy!

Again, use your creativity when choosing blouses, in the plural, yes, because overlays can also make faces and add even more style. Bet on the third piece, for example in the jacket, blazers or vests, and ensure an easier chic look .

Jean shorts
How to combine jeans

Short denim is that piece that can easily move from one season to the next. Believe! The shorter lengths can also accompany you in autumn and winter.

To form a combo full of fashion information, bet on shorts with blouses with longer sleeves and put the overlays on the scene again. Jackets, denim shirts and knits can elevate and warm the look.

How to combine jeans

The tireless jeans appear in the most diverse versions and in several different styles. The classic jeans know how to share their role with other pieces, such as overalls, long skirts and shirts.

As a unique piece, the jumpsuit is the perfect ally of those who want a practical look and, above all, full of style. Want movement and fluidity? Long skirts give you that and more. In addition, they can compose a total jeans look with a shirt.

How to combine jeans

Jeans from the French city have evolved and now appear in an eco-friendly way , but without leaving style aside. We reached another level when we talk about this classic. The present is already more conscious and sustainable.

The jacket and pants are our highlights of the season. They were produced with recycled jeans and a reduction of up to 95% in water consumption and 90% in chemical consumption. This reduction is only possible because of the absence of dyeing.

Fashion is constantly evolving, but the classics never lose their majesty. And jeans are one of them. Now that you know how to combine jeans pieces, put together your look and enjoy delicious moments!