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fashion tricks know the different body types

One of the main fashion tricks is getting to know your own body well to get it right in the production of looks. After all, for different body types there are pieces and combinations that are able to further enhance the strengths of each woman.

There are hourglass, rectangle, pear and inverted triangle bodies. In this article, you will learn about the characteristics of each one, know how to better identify your biotype and discover tips and fashion tricks to dress well.

Learn to value different body types
But, remember, these are just a few tricks that will help you discover the best ways to wear certain clothes, but do not restrict the use of any garments. Now, check out the body types and see what style of clothing will work well for you:

If your lower body is wider than your upper body, you are pear-like. In other words, your hips are bigger and wider than your shoulders, and your waist is well defined.khaadi sale

When dressing, add more volume to your arms and shoulders. Coats and

khaadi summer sale  jackets are a great choice. The tops also help the shoulders to look wider. You can also bet on a-line skirts and strapless dresses.

Inverted triangle
Women with this body type have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, similar to an inverted triangle. In addition, most have long legs.

For this type of body, the ideal is clothes that make the shoulders look smaller and the hips more voluminous. Another way out is to look away from your upper body and appreciate your strong point: your legs. Bright clothes at the bottom, baggy pants and high-waisted clothes are great tricks.

One of the most desired body types. They are usually women who have many curves. The shoulders and hips are in the same line. The breasts are medium and proportional curves. The waist is thin.

The trick is to keep your bust and hips in proper proportions to enhance your curves.

Do not hide them with loose clothing. Bet on fluid fabrics, pants and light skirts, high or marked waist and bands and belts.

The main feature of the oval body is the width of the waist, which is wider than the shoulders and hips. Generally, women with these types have a bigger belly, a waist with little evidence, full breasts and a neck that looks a little shorter.

To enhance the look, the tip is to invest in pieces that lengthen the silhouette and draw attention to breasts and shoulders. Another tip is to bet on clothes with a loose and soft fit.

If your waist, hips and shoulders are almost the same width, you are a rectangle, so you can wear clothes that create the illusion of shapes.

Wear long jackets, tops with collars and ruffles to embellish the top. Also bet on round khaadi sale skirts, slightly low waist, coat-dresses, pleated pants, pantaloons and blouses made of fluid fabrics.

Did you like to know the different types of bodies and the tricks to enhance each biotype? Were you able to identify your body type? Tell us here in the comments.