One of the things I like to do when I travel around the world is to observe people , especially women:

how they move, what they wear, if they follow particular fashions or local customs in dressing, what are the dominant colors, the style more or they are less sober than they prefer, which accessories they use, how they make up and comb their hair, things like that. I often like to be inspired by places even in the wardrobe. For this reason, today I wanted to offer you some ideas on how to dress in the summer by the sea: maybe it will be useful to pack your bags or maybe it will also inspire you for your summer outfits in the city!

Often I noticed that my desire to go shopping was actually a desire to deal creatively with style and fashion, to satisfy my aesthetic sense and to fill up on new stimuli, more than real desire to buy something or to own new items .

Little by little I understood that there are other ways – more creative and interesting ways, which can offer stimuli and inspiration far more than any shopping trip (well, even the shops offer the possibility to observe people, however!).

During this summer I had fun observing the women of Dubai , Singapore , Java and then Bali , to discover the fashions of the moment in each of these destinations. I have certainly learned a lot (for better or for worse) – from Singapore women and from Asian women in general, for example, how even much shorter women than me manage to be incredibly stylish, harmonious , beautiful and elegant even without a thread of heel.

The last vacation took me to Greece , on the island of Mykonos , and it was certainly the most stylish destination of my summer 2017 (in second place I would put Bali with its fantastic slightly shabby style ).

First of all, Mykonos has an easy game in terms of style, because with its wonderful colors and the predominance of white it creates an incredible “rough canvas” that has the power to make any design, color or texture stand out incredibly.

Even interior architecture often offers interesting ideas for your look … a neutral “base” combined with a strong contrasting color, the same color played in different textures, are interesting ideas to be declined even in your own style.

Furthermore, for various reasons, it attracts a decidedly elegant public, offering those who love to observe these things an incredible variety of ideas

So, as I always do, I tried to bring home some ideas and ideas from my Greek holiday:


The secret of elegance and style, at least for me, is simplicity . I realized this also on this holiday, noting how the whiteness of the houses and streets enhanced any look ; uniformity, the prevalence of neutral colors are what make the details, the particular designs of the fabrics, the combinations of bright colors, the particular shapes, the textures of the materials unique and elegant . This principle, so evident also in the island architecture , is in my opinion even more valid when it comes to fashion.


Sometimes it is nice to try to tune in to a place also through your own style, perhaps imitating its colors, atmospheres, materials ; dressing in white and blue in Greece is perhaps obvious, but hardly out of place.


The more elegant a place, the more “dressed” people – yes, I know, on the beach, in clubs and discos the scenery is certainly different, but at least on the streets the excessive display of skin is rare and this favors without other creativity in the look .


Thank to the ideal temperatures, this year I have appreciated more than ever certain combinations that in warmer months and places I can hardly do, such as light but long-sleeved blouses worn with shorts and short skirts, which I like very much, or even a floral kimono on a linear and total white look.


When I travel, I always try to make some targeted purchases (but without excess, holiday purchases often tire or appear out of place once back in the city … better focus on accessories, I noticed) of costume jewelery, scarves, clutches etc., perhaps ethnic or however with a local flavor: they will look wonderful in autumn or winter, combined with the cashmere sweater and warm and monochromatic fabrics, for example. I in Mykonos only bought a gold chain with my initial, but I had already given to Ubud / Bali , buying necklaces and bracelets in quantities that I have already introduced into my wardrobe!