Shopify stores

21. Pipcorn

Pipcorn, an established popcorn brand, uses the website to convey its brand identity: simple and modern, with a focus on quality. The browns and beige in the color palette reflect the naturalness of the product.

22. Happiness Abscissa

Perhaps the most minimalist in this list of Shopify sites, Happiness Abscissa, hides the main navigation in the left panel, leaving more space for fun graphics and product photos.

23. Nick Mayer Art

Nick Mayer |  50 Shopify stores

To sell art , a website must be simple enough not to divert attention from the main selling object. Nick Mayer Art uses a minimalist layout with soft colors, which add liveliness while highlighting the works at the same time.

24. Chubbies

Chubbies is a clothing line for people who love fun and have a sense of humor. The essential look shop goes well with the bold and colorful photos that the products present.

25. House of Holland

House of Holland

The House of Holland clothing and accessories brand uses large, bold fonts to impress with its Shopify store. The flashy design is balanced by the simple product photography on a white background in the shop pages.

26. Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade

The Shopify site of Penny Arcade is reminiscent of a real arcade. Many bright colors, many visual stimuli and funny (sometimes crazy) fonts.

27. Madsen

Madsen |  50 Shopify stores

Madsen’s website is cheerful but with a sophisticated aesthetic. Balances fun and sophistication through a mix of bright and muted colors.

28. Telegramme Paper Co.

Telegramme Paper Co. is one of the Shopify stores where the use of different fonts works and does not distract the user. Even the color is used wisely, to give vitality to the site.

29. Tattly

Tattly store

Tattly is a bold brand in the use of color. He chooses bright and colorful backgrounds for the sections of the site, in order to liven up the user experience and at the same time simplify navigation.

30. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Although white prevails on the Shopify website of Death Wish Coffee, the red characters and details give a bold and bold impression. Not to mention the bold text.

31. Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets uses rough backgrounds with natural textures for different site tiles. This contributes to evoking a naturalistic atmosphere, which fits perfectly with the brand.

32. Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow has an essential website, but with a creative element: the polka dot background. It is simple enough not to distract and cheerful enough to make the shop unique.

33. Twelve Saturdays

Rather than opting for a uniform gray background, Twelve Saturdays adds a three-dimensional texture and effect to its background.

34. William Abraham

Some Shopify stores choose a completely black background for a more sophisticated look. William Abraham showcases his products on a total black site.

35. Cuppow

Cuppow enhances its reusable food containers by investing in product photography , which is the protagonist throughout the site.


The jewelry brand LITTER presents its products with a simple photograph, mixing close-ups and lifestyle images .

37. Factory 43

Those who sell products with graphic elements certainly want to present their skills to the best in their online store. Factory 43 uses large illustrations and graphic elements taken from products as the main images of its website.

38. Great George Watches

For the sale of watches online, high-quality photos are essential, which highlight the details and craftsmanship of the products. Among Shopify stores, Great George Watches is an example where quality images are featured.