The advantages of housing for companies

in last postwe talked about housing & colocation, describing the functioning of the service and its basic characteristics. Today we will see in detail the main benefits of housing and the reasons that drive companies to choose this solution for their IT department. Let’s take a moment back the definition of housing (or colocation) : an external provider leases a physical space where the customer can transfer the servers he owns, which are hosted in data centers or web farms in special racks, and the Infrastructure management is entrusted to specialized technicians.

But what drives a company to choose the housing service?

Here are the top 5 reasons :

1. Abatement and cost optimization

The concept of housing is based precisely on savings. Instead of spending their capital to build and maintain a dedicated corporate structure, businesses can rely on an IT provider, drastically reducing the costs necessary for space, energy, connectivity, monitoring, maintenance and redundancy of the facility. Housing is cost-effective as all of these expenses are shared between the numerous users of the data center; on the contrary, building your own data center can be prohibitive for many companies. In addition, housing is advantageous in terms of timing: the construction of a data center takes a long time compared to the relatively short startup that can be obtained using a housing service.

2. Quality and reliability of the service

Providers are specialized in the supply of resources and their data centers offer completely redundant networks, which guarantee a high reliability of the service. In addition, they have architectures with the latest technology available on the market, which companies, especially medium-small ones, can rarely afford to buy and maintain.

3. Security

Housing guarantees the most complete security and many companies choose this solution precisely to protect their sensitive data. The data center is in fact equipped with numerous security measures, such as temperature and humidity control, air filtering, monitoring and back-up, fire protection and security personnel.

4. High Scalability

Scalability is a highly requested feature when it comes to IT infrastructure. A great advantage of the housing service is the ability to scale resources and bandwidth according to needs, simply and immediately, paying only for what is consumed and optimizing IT costs.

5. System management

Finally, housing solves all the problems inherent to infrastructure management, thanks to the provider’s specialized technicians who monitor and manage the systemic aspect of architecture on a daily basis, leaving companies free to concentrate on their core. business.

The housing service is advantageous from many points of view. But how do you choose the right provider for your company? We will talk about it in the next article, keep following us!