The last frontier of elegance: slingbacks are back

A status symbol yesterday as today. The bicolor slingbacks created by Coco Chanel in 1957 are renewed and, season after season, they are offered in ever more modern and interesting variants. The strap that wraps the heel is a touch of class which, together with the 5 cm heel make this shoe particularly comfortable but absolutely chic and refined. The history of slingbacks, types, combinations and models spotted on the catwalks.

The last frontier of elegance: Coco Chanel slingbacks are back. What they are, their history and new models



Combinations and outfits

Slingback on the catwalks 2020

They were born in 1957 by Coco Chanel but the slingbacks are still the last frontier of elegance , just as the famous designer defined them.

This shoe perfectly blends the line of classic and elegant décolleté with the practicality of sandal : the toe alternates between the historical one, therefore more classic and rounded to the more pointed and thin one.

The strap, often elasticized or with buckle closure, rests on the heel and gives great freedom of movement. The square heel usually does not exceed 5 centimeters and has been designed to give a chic touch to all looks while maintaining the focus on comfort from the fit at all times of the day.

From Chanel fashion house to today: the history of slingbacks

They are over 60 years old, but the catwalks have revisited them and brought them back to the spotlight only recently, so as to make them a real never-again-without.

We are in 1957 when Gabrielle Chanel, the original and undisputed intuition of Rue Cambon, reveals to the world her latest must-have in the women’s wardrobe: the two-tone shoe . The line was inspired by the footwear of the male wardrobe (where the two-tone was already present in the 1800s): closed on the toe but open on the back, sealed by a thin strap that rested behind the ankle and made of leather, proposed for the first time in the black and beige contrast, characteristic shades of the Chanel fashion house .

With this slingback, Coco breaks the style dictates of the time that required women to strictly monochromatic shoes. It thus gives life to an accessory to complete its most iconic pieces : the black sheath dress, the elegant tweed suit and the characteristic quilted bag.

In addition, the beige-black combination has a very significant aesthetic advantage : beige lengthens the leg while the black toe shortens the foot, making signs of wear less visible. The heel strap gives practicality, the medium heel (with a height of 5 cm) ensures maximum comfort.

Coco Chanel defined the slingback as “the last frontier of elegance” and this is why this model, more commonly defined as two-tone, was elected to one of the identifying symbols of the brand, so much so that Karl Lagerfeld never gave up to insert them in every collection.