The other side of the coin: the disadvantages of e-commerce

Electronic commerce, while possessing numerous pros, also has some cons: first of all, there is no physical interaction with the interlocutor. In a traditional shop, the seller and the customer can speak and communicate also with non-verbal language, exchanging physical signals, establishing a relationship of mutual trust . Transmitting reliability through an e-commerce interface is not so immediate. Fortunately, in recent years, people have become accustomed to buying online, overcoming the mistrust that characterized the early e-commerce period. Online merchants need to convey trust and win the customer: there are several ways to achieve this, for example, to create a customer care service that is attentive to every need. Another pitfall of e-commerce is  online payments  which still generate some suspicions, particularly in old-fashioned retailers who revered the ticking of the cash desk and preferred cash to ATMs. However, security systems are increasingly accurate today and ensure that payments are successful. Of course there is no shortage of scams, but they are an increasingly limited phenomenon. On the Internet you cannot touch and smella product before deciding to buy it: these gestures influence purchasing decisions in traditional stores. So how can you do to involve the five senses of the user? For example, you can focus on creating  detailed product sheets accompanied by captivating photos or guarantee an excellent shopping experience for your customers. Finally, remember that your online store is proposed to the world together with many others who crowd the network: this means that competition on the Internetbe ruthless. Everyone benefits on equal terms, everyone must be able to conquer their market share and sell their products online, paying attention to every detail useful to increase traffic and conversions. Now put the pros and cons on the balance and try to turn problems into tailor-made solutions for your e-commerce. No, you don’t need a cylinder or a rabbit, but a team of professionals capable of carrying out a business project suited to your needs.

The advantages of e-commerce: the point of view of the entrepreneur and the customer

One of the first questions that the e-commerce specialist has to answer is: what are the advantages of e-commerce ? In other words, what are the reasons why an entrepreneur should have an online store to trade his products. The answers to this question are manifold and can be addressed from different points of view. In this discussion we decided to proceed in a very generic way, considering the point of view of the entrepreneur and that of the customer.

The advantages of e-commerce for the entrepreneur

Business owner

With a quick online search it is possible to easily identify three immediate e-commerce advantages: the expansion of the reference market, the reduction of management costs and the continuous opening of the store. All aspects that translate with an immediate advantage for the entrepreneur and which, therefore, do not require further study. Next to these, however, there are a number of equally important advantages.

The growing development of connections are in fact revealing a series of advantages of e-commerce, which until now could not be hypothesized. It is the example of intangible goods. Movies, music, e-books, video games, magazines and newspapers are nowadays always acquired through downloads, when not directly used online. This represents an undoubted advantage for the entrepreneur, who can thus reduce time and management. Ultimately, this translates into a lower purchase price than a physical store.

Information technology also offers another set of advantages. The number of visits, the permanence times and the purchase data, properly organized, can provide a precise statistics which is very close to the clientele reality. This translates into a targeted offer with respect to the target audience. This, however, should not suggest a static world. Thanks to the potential of social tools, it is still possible to broaden your horizons of audiences.