Types: from classic to modern models

We go out in the morning in beige and black, have lunch in beige and black, go to a cocktail in beige and black. It is elegant from morning to evening!

In a very short time they conquered more and more stars and icons of that time, so much so that Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Romy Schneider became slingback collectors, and so they were nicknamed “the New Cinderella Slipper”, the new Cinderella shoe . Over time, the slingback has been modernized, revisited and proposed in various chromatic variations: beige leather with a navy blue, brown or golden tip. The strap then disappears for some time, leaving the shoe to wrap the foot. With the intuition of Karl Lagerfeld the bicolor returns in 2015 in the guise of a sandal with a strap with revisited proportions , invariably supported by a square heel.

The heel has tended to remain anchored to the comfort given by the 5 cm, but in some new models it is also offered lower . The idea is always to be inspired by the iconic line of this shoe but to decline it in more modern variants, while always keeping the focus on its indispensable comfort and versatility.

The thin heel slingback is perfect for wearing on more formal occasions.

Soireelady thin heel slingback

Available in many color variations, the slingbacks proposed by Soireelady are perfect to be worn at any time of the day. The 6.5 cm heel is practical and comfortable and, thanks to the wide range of colors in which they are offered, you can choose whether to wear or with a pair of jeans and a blouse or combined with a more elegant and formal suit.


Available in different patterns and color variations

The 6.5 cm heel is practical and comfortable

The strap closes with a small buckle


In the model it is imitation-paint, so initially they may be stiff

The new slingback line proposed in the new ASOS collection. Source: asos

Inspired by the model created by Coco in 1957, ASOS Design offers two different versions of slingback :

” Samson ” is the total red model where the square heel is slightly higher than the standard, equipped with an elasticated back strap and a more pointed shape.

” Sochi “, on the other hand, is the new version of the more classic two-tone . To make it more current, ASOS offers the slingback alternating the delicate blush shade with black, which also underlines the profiles of the shoe. The back strap is elasticized and the wide heel has an average height.

Among the models with a more or less high heel there is also the 2 cm, perfect for showing off at any time of the day .

Find low heel slingback

Nevermore without!

To have: the slingback model from the Find brand is absolutely versatile and comfortable, thanks also to the heel that reaches 2 centimeters. They are available in the most sophisticated color variants such as the classic black, the sand shade and the delicate pastel pink. You can wear them at any time of the day, combined with the most elegant or cheeky looks.


Available in three color variants: black, pastel pink and sand

The sole is in resin and non-slip

The 2 cm heel is practical and comfortable


Attention to the number: before proceeding with the purchase, consult the table with the size guide