What are the advantages and disadvantages of using VPS hosting compared to standard web hosting services?

I have seen many companies offer Virtual Private Server hosting alongside their Web Hosting packages.

I wondered what the differences are, the pros and the cons.




Aug 21 2010aneuryzm


You are more in control with the server; it’s virtual, but you can still manage it as a full server. You have full root access , full control and therefore you can do almost anything you want to install whatever you like, even things that are not provided by the same provider’s web hosting plans, you could remove the control panel and install another one ( i.e. remove cPanel and install webmin or totally remove a control panel and manage the server yourself by manually changing the configuration ). You can replace the webmail interface with another (e.g. remove Squirrelmail and install something else). You can change the Apache root config https.conf and root php.ini config .


You MUST KNOW how to manage a server ; get such knowing how long it takes, you need to learn and study carefully. Something is ruined on a VPS and there is a risk that it will be unusable, or worse, functioning but with dozens of SECURITY HOLES. It is usually more expensive than a shared web hosting plan, but not always more expensive than a web hosting reseller plan.


You only have control over what is already installed on the plan by the provider (e.g. cPanel for management, Squirrelmail for web mail), although you can still install your scripts and many third party things. It is much easier to manage and more difficult to completely ruin. If the server is down or there are security holes, it’s not your fault: you just have to open a ticket and file a complaint with the Web Host, who will have to deal with it.

You can also rewrite the Apache configuration for a specific folder using the .htaccess file . In addition, the php.ini configuration can be rewritten according to the directory since most web hosts install suPHP, which allows you to rewrite the php.ini configuration using a php .ini file in the directory you want to edit. It is definitely cheaper .


If you want to change something at a higher level (like changing the control panel) you can’t. It is NOT possible to change the Apache root configuration https.conf and root php.ini config.

However, there is still something missing here, and I also miss it. Many hosts are selling FULLY MANAGED VPS; according to their policies this type of plans has the advantages of WEBHOSTING / RESELLER because if you ruin something, they look at it and also prepare the server for you. It seems that you don’t need so much know how, but you just have to be careful not to get your hands where you shouldn’t.

Actually I tried to ask a similar question on serverfault you can also find there links to other similar questions that could help you too.

IMHO I don’t understand what the problem is for some hosts to push the VPS against WEBHOSTING RESELLER plans . Some promoters even sell FULLY MANAGED VPS at MORE ECONOMIC prices than RESELLER plans . It seems strange because if I buy a VPS I will probably open many more tickets to ask for this and that and to ask them to fix / change something for me compared to the amount of tickets that I could open with the WEBHOSTING RESELLER plan.