Best WordPress review plugins

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Best WordPress review plugins

If your website or blog is part of an industry niche, you probably refer to products or services similar to the ones you offer. This type of promotion is a great way to strengthen ties with other websites, put content marketing into practice and create a community for your blog . Did you know, however, that there is a more profitable way to benefit from all of this

With a website or review section, you gain visibility and credibility among your visitors, in addition to increasing some positions in the rankings of the main search engines. It doesn’t take much to build a review page … Even if you use the WordPress platform , there are some very interesting plugins that can help you with this task!

Best WordPress review plugins

Reviews – how do they affect your SEO?

Reviews can be done in two ways:

By the administrator: in this case, the site administrator will publish criticisms and reviews about other websites, products, services, among others. The grades can be given by percentage, star rating, letters or numbers.

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By the public: your visitors can evaluate your posts, products and services; here, the relationship between the administrator and the public narrows and an even greater interaction is established.

If the good work is continuous, soon your reviews and other users’ reviews of your website will appear as a result in Google searches. The link to your page will come out of that standard blue and appear on users’ screens with a note – and, in the case of other sites, your review will be one of the results available in the search. That way, if the research is related to something you evaluated, your chances of standing out increase exponentially!

Best WordPress Plugins

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As we explained earlier, plugins help make WordPress even simpler and, at the same time, complete. Let’s remember the plugins that already had their space here in Dicas?

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And now, let’s go to the best review plugins for WordPress!

  1. WP Customer Reviews : Allows the creation of a page where users can post criticisms and reviews about their products and services and, in addition, allows the site administrator to trace their own comments and ratings, both about their products and the products from third parties.
  2. InReview : InReview allows the creation of a page dedicated exclusively to evaluations. It has easy customization and several options of themes to leave the review page with your face.
  3. Creative Feedback Form : Aimed at public reviews, the Creative Feedback Form allows the website to be adapted to receive direct feedback from visitors. The plugin is lightweight and has interesting features, such as captchas to avoid spammers, intuitive interface and e-mail notifications.

Creative Feedback Form

Accommodation Tips Recommendation: WP Reviews

  1. WP Reviews : As this plugin allows the quick creation of the reviews area of ​​the website, you can only focus on creating the content and marketing it.

WP Reviews

  1. Social Review Engine : Also focused on WordPress, this plugin has a quick installation and simple configuration. With it, it is possible to create a complete review site, as well as an area dedicated to user reviews.

Social Review Engine

  1. WP Review Engine : This premium plugin is intended for product reviews. Among its features are: evaluations, space for comments, integration with Google Maps and Google Analytics, customization of colors and style, comparison tables, widgets, among others

WP Review Enginee

  1. MyReviewPlugin : Similar to WP ReviewEngine, this plugin joins the administrator’s reviews with the users’ reviews. Assessments can be made with notes or stars, not counting the thumbs up or thumbs down typical of Youtube. Another interesting function is the automatic embed, which allows the incorporation of the review on other websites. Finally, the varied themes further increase the range of possibilities, allowing the creation of a totally professional page.


As you can see, dedicating a part of your site to reviews can be very simple, easy and yet profitable. If you know of any other interesting plugin, be sure to mention it in the comments!