What is an IP address?

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What is an “IP address”?

The IP address (abbreviated most often only IP ) is a numeric label placed on any device (server / laptop, smartphone, etc.) connected to the Internet (IP = Internet Protocol); a data transmission protocol between two devices.

The IP address acts as a unique identifier throughout the network and is used to provide us with the current location of a web page / site / domain within the internet network.


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In other words, the IP address is the “zip code” of your site without which visitors could not find it.

All hosted sites have an IP address to be accessible, but there are two types of IP addresses:

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1. Dedicated IP address (also called static IP because it does not change over time), which means that no other site on the Internet has the same IP. Whether you type in the name of the site or the IP address, you will end up in the same place.

For example: the postal code (IP) would lead to the office where you are – a unique building where only you work.

2. IP Address common ( shared ), means that many websites use the same IP address. In this case, other sites may affect your site (reputation, traffic, etc.).

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For example: imagine that postal code (IP) leads to a residential complex. From the beginning, some visitors (search engines, etc.) do not like a “apartment” company (otherwise serious and reliable) and penalize it easily, compared to an office. Then, visitors may find it harder to get to your site (in an elevator there are 4 people and there are many apartments there). Let’s not forget the noisy neighbor upstairs (gambling sites, virus sites, etc. hosted on the same IP) that can damage our reputation.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of sites and a limited number of IP addresses, hosting providers are required to use shared IP addresses when possible. In fact, hundreds of sites share the same IP address.

In general, using a common IP address is not harmful. Hosting companies use software and techniques to ensure that IP addresses are clean, reputable and not congested so that they can serve the appropriate content to each user in a few milliseconds.

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And here there are differences, some hosting companies managing to do a better job than others.

For example: one is for a postal code to go to Vaslui and another is to go to Bucharest

However, there are situations in which a dedicated IP address is a more efficient and secure solution.

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Advantages of using a dedicated IP:

Having a dedicated IP address, the site will have its own address and can be accessed directly from the Internet using the IP address or domain name.

Increased reputation
The fact that several websites share the same IP address shows us a clear picture of the inconveniences that can occur with a single website.

For example: a site hosted on a shared server has been marked as infected or an IP address has been entered in a SPAM list. There is a possibility that your site will be affected, without any guilt, while a dedicated IP address allows you to control the reputation of the site and you will not be affected by the activity of other web pages.

Search engine indexing
In most cases you can see better visibility in search engines of sites that have dedicated IP. For example, Google uses IP addresses in some of its calculations, but especially to determine how much trust to give to a link. Links from similar IPs are usually less reliable, but the chances of them being affected are minimal, even if they are hosted on a shared server.

Protection in case of an attack
Hypothetically speaking, in the event of an attack on a hosted site on the shared server, the other hosted sites may suffer. However, the attack being on a common IP, it does not reach the site that has a dedicated IP and different from that of the target site.

Stability and increased traffic

As in the previous case, the legitimate traffic of other clients on common IPs will not influence the traffic of your site on a dedicated IP. This means that your internet business will allow larger spikes of visitors compared to common IPs, which will be found in many generated orders.

Access to the site whenever you need
Do you just want to have access to the site before publishing it? Do you want to relaunch your site or move it to another server, but make sure before it looks good? Type the IP directly into the browser and your site will load. The first domain hosted on that IP will be uploaded to the shared IP addresses, and the rest can only be accessed by name.

Possibility to install an SSL Certificate

Suppose you create an online store. If you want users to be able to make card payments or enter confidential information, you will need to protect their data with an SSL certificate .

These are also known as digital certificates. SSL certificates are electronic documents that contain the information needed to make a secure SSL connection and are usually used for sites that accept card payments or receive confidential information that needs to be protected.

Some providers offer certificates as a separate service, others offer subscriptions that include certificates .

The list can continue with a lot of discussions about a dedicated IP, there are a lot of arguments for and against using it: