Looks with long skirt: learn to use and rock the production!

The looks with long skirts are true allies to look even more beautiful, as these are truly essential wildcard pieces in the closet of every evangelical woman. And there are so many variations that it is sometimes difficult to choose the favorite model, isn’t it? How much more to create combinations!

That’s why the Via Evangélica blog is here today to explain a little about each skirt model and help you with tips to compose modern and sophisticated looks that respect the modesty of women of faith.

Are you ready? So, come on!

Long skirts: pieces that never go out of style!

Since long before short skirts, pants, shorts and other items of clothing, the long skirt was already part of the woman’s clothing from the beginning of society. Occupying space in the women’s closet since the medieval period, they were exclusive to women from the 17th century .

The models were incredible and well-crafted, with various lace details, applications and much more, all to enhance the refined and decorative appearance. And the more voluminous the skirt, the greater the social prominence.

With the advancement of technologies and the moral and ethical thoughts of the population, at the beginning of the 20th century, other clothing options emerged that caused women to put aside the long skirt to wear pants, miniskirts and shorts.

In the 1970s, the use of the long skirt was resumed due to the hippie movement. In a way, the long skirts gained full strength and started to be present permanently in all seasons. From then on, they gained diverse textures, colors and prints.

A new century has started and they are still fundamental in the production of women’s looks, especially evangelical ones, because they value the feminine silhouette without vulgarity, showing elegance and charm khaadi.

Today, with more modern models, long skirts combine with many pieces and with all physical types , increasing evangelical fashion and bringing out feminine beauty even more! When it comes to thinning your waist or gaining a few more inches, this piece is essential!

Colors and fabrics of long skirts: how to use?

There are still many doubts about their combinations. How to create good looks for all types of occasion? The first step in answering these questions is to understand the colors and types of fabric so that everything is more practical when dressing and creating something wonderful. Check out:

1. Nude and neutral tones: enhance your skin tone!
Long skirts with more neutral colors are great options for those who want to highlight the silhouette a little more , since they mark the outline in an elegant way. In addition, it is a great option for black women, as it enhances skin tone in an incredible way!

If you want to balance the color and create an elegant contrast, choose to use superior pieces of darker tones, such as blouses or shirts in navy blue, black, dark green, marsala, among others. Your look will show for those more casual occasions, like going to church or taking a family outing at night.

In addition, nude tones and neutral shirts form a super executive look to use in your work. We have several executive fashion tips for women with shirts , check it out!nishat linen

2. Prints: incredible romantic looks!

Long printed skirts can make the look super cheerful and fun , as well as making you romantic. Pastel colors like light pink, baby blue, water green, among others in prints make everything very delicate.

In addition, the prints are widely used in warmer seasons , such as summer and spring, giving prominence and liveliness to women, but in autumn and winter there are some patterns that are sure to create beautiful combinations khaadi summer sale .

The floral patterns are perfect to combine with more basic pieces and in lighter neutral tones, such as t-shirts and simpler blouses. Be ready and comfortable for your routine with long printed skirts!

But if you want something more formal, checkered prints are great too. Just combine it with a smoother blouse of correlated colors so that there is no uncomfortable visual contrast.

3. Long Denim Skirts: key pieces for various occasions!

If jeans are something indispensable in the male wardrobe, long denim skirts are like that for evangelical women! They are an absolute success in Christian women’s wardrobes, since the combinations of looks are numerous.

They are so versatile that if you stop and think “I have nothing to wear”, just choose a long denim skirt that goes well! There are several different models and styles, making them gain more and more fans.

To create a good combination with jeans, just use a little creativity with the clothes you have in your closet that will always be beautiful! You can combine long denim skirts with sneakers, high heels, sandals and more! They are the famous must have of all evangelical women.

In addition to these fabric models, there are many cuts that can help you create amazing looks. If you want more tips for long skirt models , don’t miss the incredible content that Via Evangélica prepared

Anyone who thinks they can’t wear a long skirt because of the height, measurements and other things is completely wrong! It is possible to create combinations that are suitable and fit your body type perfectly.

For shorter women , the ideal looks consist of pieces of similar tones and longer cuts so that the waist is well marked and the foot is hidden. This will contribute to the impression that your legs are longer. Ah! And don’t forget to bet on a high and very comfortable jump!

If you are an average or tall woman , long skirts with lower shoes will compose a proportional look. Bet on models that have some details on the bar and small prints, such as stripes and other patterns.

Are you a plus size woman ?

So, bet on skirts with straighter and wider cuts, so as not to mark your hips so much, if you don’t want to. In addition, neutral colors with more basic blouses are also perfect! You can add some accessories to be more charming!

If you follow these tips, there will be no mistake! Choose the long skirt model and the fabric you like best and look beautiful, duly respecting the modesty your doctrine requires. With Via Evangélica, you dress with quality and elegance!

For more evangelical fashion tips, be sure to follow our blog posts. To the next!