How to dress at work?


Nowadays choosing the right clothes for the job is a very complicated task and requires a little effort from the woman. After all who doesn’t want to have a perfect production and rock the Office look?

Generally speaking, women’s clothing styles and styles vary widely according to function and where they work. And today’s post will explain a little about some styles and how you can adapt your production to the workplace.

1. The formal style, how to use it and where to use it?
Women who work in offices, such as: executive secretary, lawyers, in banks, among others, tend to wear more social and formal clothes, forming the classic style. And so that you do not get “grimaced”, we have separated tips and inspirations for your look not to fall into the routine.

models with clothes for work blog via evangelica

2. Looks for informal work: flexibility when composing productions:
In this context, women are freer when creating production, due to the flexibility in their workplace, looks tend to seek comfort for everyday life, we can include sneakers in this production, which won everyone’s heart, besides being comfortable, it gives a casual and modern touch to the look.

The mix of dress pants, pencil skirts gives a hi-loe touch to the production khaadi summer sale.

models with clothes for work1 blog via evangelica

3. Does your job require many hours of standing or sitting?
We know that many hours in the same position causes discomfort, both posturally and because of the clothes or shoes we are wearing. If you are standing all day and can choose comfortable shoes, try to wear sneakers or flex style shoes that help with posture and pain. Since you are sitting, the best is the shoe that does not squeeze you, and if you can take them out a few times a day, do it.

For clothes it is a little more complicated, but if you work sitting, avoid tight jeans, or tight clothes, comfort is essential in this case. For those who work standing up, the skirts and pants wider or that allows better locomotion is always the best choice.

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4. Be sure to be who you are: your style is only yours!
It is important to remember that you should not change your style or the way you dress because of your work, after all, everything can be adaptable, right? Talk to your boss, and you may as well make a perfect look according to your style.
Evangelical Fashion: more than 100 looks for you to be inspired!

Evangelical fashion emerged in Brazil in the mid-1990s. It came as an alternative to women who have their own style, like to dress with respect and good taste and at the same time do not fail to follow national and international fashion khaadi trends.

Nowadays, with the advent and advancement of technology and the internet in our lives, choosing clothes and accessories has become much easier. In addition to being able to choose a look and buy online, without leaving the comfort of home, you can still be inspired by incredible trends in the palm of your hand!

Thinking about it, we brought more than 100 looks for you to be inspired when assembling your own! Come on?

1. Long Dresses
The incredible variety of dresses in evangelical fashion will delight you! It is a more beautiful model than the other, and they all express an extreme good taste, always following trends.

The mullet dress is that model that enchants in any situation. Its asymmetric footprint is what gives the charm. This little yellow dress, besides being beautiful, is extremely versatile. You can go to worship, to the park, to the mall …

The long dress has that very classic pattern, but it never goes out of style. The trend now is to innovate in clothing prints. Always elegant and casual, the floral print will match any occasion.

The long and plain dresses, without print, are also a show apart.

Combining your long dress with coats, jackets and cardigans will add an extra touch to your look.

Long knitting dresses are the right choice for mid-season days. When the sun comes out and the temperature is mild, knitting will be your wild card.

Long casual dresses are ideal for a casual stroll. Also considered a wild card, it has several prints and can be used with jackets and overlays.

woman wears long white printed long dress

bloggers wear long red dress long printed dress

long white knit dress

blogger ariane blogger jack jacob wear long red dress and long printed dress

2. Midi dresses
Midi dresses are the classic knee-length dresses that almost every woman has. They are very preferred due to the great ease that it provides. In addition to the versatility it has, it can be used with sneakers or heels.

The variety of midi dresses available will delight you. The prints are diverse and they can fit in any occasion!

The midi dresses, as well as the long ones, are also perfect with the combination of jackets, coats and even vests. It’s a great option if you don’t want to wear a midi dress with long sleeves, but need protection on colder days.

An incredible reference when it comes to midi dresses is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, married to the English prince and part of the royal family. She is seen on all social occasions with beautiful midi dresses that exude good taste!