Teen Gospel Fashion – How should young evangelicals dress?

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Acomplicated issue to discuss is how young evangelicals should dress, taking into account the doctrines of their church.

Because every young person tries to be more adept at fashion and what it brings, and wear different things and find the perfect style! But how far can we go?

For a long time, Christians were seen different mainly because of their way of dressing totally oblivious to what fashion brought. But times are different and more and more fashion is also adapting to the Christian faith.

Today we find many companies that invest in the evangelical niche, helping more young people to behave in the way they should according to the doctrines that they follow.

The church does not preach that we need to dress cheesy, with clothes from the past decade, but with discretion, sobriety and modesty, modernity can also be seen in evangelical clothing! Shall we see more about this?pret wear

How should young evangelicals dress?

Getting attention does not mean that you are dressing well, perhaps just showing more than you should. You don’t have to be attractive with your body exposed, the Christian’s attraction must be Christ, your joy in Him. Joy makes anyone more beautiful.

But of course, that’s not why we’re going to be sloppy with our clothes! But how should young evangelicals dress then? This is a constant doubt among the churches and little resolved, with just a few words to say khaadi eid collection.

Each church has its precepts and rules, if you are part of one, understand how it sees things in relation to clothes, accessories, etc. and stick to those values. If you like to walk in your style, dress your way, nothing prevents you from doing it, one person is different from the other and we understand the importance and beauty of it! But as long as you continue to value decency in all the pieces you wear.

There are points that can not be left aside when thinking about how the young evangelical should dress, so we think it is cool to mention some important for you:

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· Everything must be done for the Glory of God
One that we don’t usually put a lot of emphasis on when we talk about this subject, but that can help a lot when you choose your clothes, is what says in 1 Corinthians 10.31: “So, whether you eat, drink or do anything else, do everything for the glory of God. ”.

Everything must be done for the Glory of God, so when you dress, think with yourself, are you dressing for the glory of God? Or to appear, or to highlight something that shouldn’t be? Do you seek to show your body or be attractive, or do you really dress thinking about expanding the Glory of God

Don’t be a stumbling block

A more talked about point, but still little discussed is about being a stumbling block to the other. Can your clothing lead someone to sin? The bible tells us that we have responsibility when the other sins because of us.

We must be attentive in our testimony as Christians and always seek, in all our actions, to be light for those who see us and not a stumbling block. This includes the way we dress.

We find this point there in Romans 14:13: “Therefore, let us stop judging one another. Instead, let us make a point of not putting a stumbling block or obstacle in the way of the brother. ”

· Obedience to leaders and parents
God placed you below your parents, so it is very important to obey them, especially while you are under your roof, taking into account your approval in the decisions made by you.

In Romans 13.2 we see that “he who rebels against authority is opposing what God has instituted”, so if we are subjected to a church, we must respect its doctrines. If we are below any leader, we must respect him.

· Teen Fashion Tips
Everything seems very obvious when talking about Teen Fashion for Evangelicals, but there are many doubts when it comes to putting together the look, right? So we have separated some tips that can help you when dressing! Take a look!

Do not wear smaller clothes

You are still beautiful if you do not wear clothes glued and marked on the body, this is a distorted view of beauty that is not what God brings us in the course of the Bible.

Buy clothes of your number, pay attention to the tightest clothes and be discreet. It may sound cliché, but the truth is that what matters is what you are inside.

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· Invest in tops in your wardrobe
Sometimes we have a very beautiful outfit but with a neckline that is not favorable for our principles, so every girl should have some tops in the wardrobe to wear it with the big necklines. Besides being beautiful and different, it keeps you elegant and well behaved.

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Don’t overdo your makeup!

Ask yourself, why do you need a lot of makeup? Do you want to hide your face? Don’t you think you’re pretty enough? What makes you hide your features with a huge mask?

You are beautiful. God made you beautiful. Exaggerated makeup can hide your beauty, leaving it exaggerated and sometimes even vulgar. A light makeup just to cover those imperfect spots can make you more beautiful and decent!

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And when it comes to clothes and beauty, we can’t help talking about 1 Peter 3.3 and 4: “Your beauty should not be in outer decorations, like braided hair and gold jewelry or fine clothes. On the contrary, be in the inner being, which does not perish, beauty demonstrated in a docile and peaceful spirit, which is of great value to God. ”