Skirt: the ideal garment for all occasions!

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Skirts are democratic pieces in the women’s wardrobe, especially that of evangelical women.

You can see, regardless of the occasion, someone is always wearing a model. And no less! The skirts are versatile, stroll through casual style, executive, elaborate and sophisticated.

Much more than that, they can give the touch you want to the production. If you want a more delicate look, more retro, more serious, modern, elegant, super feminine, casual, or full of attitude … For each look, you have a suitable skirt model. The choice is up to you!

With so many options available on the market and so many possibilities to use them, we have prepared a special post to introduce you to the models that have everything and, in addition, give you some really cool tips. To check it out, just read on khaadi online!

The versatility of skirts: get the model right at the time of production!

It is not today that skirts are popular with women. The difference is that, today, the piece gained many models, fabrics, cutouts and details that made it capable of being used in any situation. But it is any situation!rang rasiya

From home to work, from work to lunch with friends, from lunch with friends for church celebration, from church celebration to a more formal party or event, and so on. What will determine whether or not you are suitable for such an occasion is how you will use it and how you will complement it.

So, here are some basic rules for you to make no mistake when it comes to production:

– Take into account, first of all, the type of event you are going to. Is it more casual, social ?;

– Then, at what time of day will it occur? Day, afternoon or night? (This is very important);

– Having made these considerations, and with a skirt model in mind, it’s time for the accessories. Here, think about colors and details. The idea is that everything is in harmony, without exaggeration.

If you were still in doubt about which one to choose, we will show you some models that have everything rang rasiya

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Models of skirts that are on the rise!

Let’s start with it, the one that never goes out of style and is always renewed with modeling, washing and finishing. The denim skirt really meets the concept of versatility. It is practical, matches any top and overlay . It is the perfect model to face the day to day, maintaining the style.

For having a casual touch, it is not the most suitable for sophisticated parties. You can leave it for the walk and lunch with friends, to carry out your daily chores.

But if it’s a godê jeans skirt, combined with accessories, without overdoing it, you can go to work and a more social event. Incidentally, godê modeling allows several forms of use.

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blog post denim skirt laura rosa

– A-line skirt:

The evasé modeling follows a more “tidy”, feminine, delicate style. Here, the task of choosing becomes easier, because you can base yourself on the type of fabric, prints and length. For example, an evasé skirt in a sober tone, with length just below the knees, fits very well for the work environment.

Now, a flowery piece, very colorful, at the knee, in lighter fabric , is perfect for that sunny Sunday afternoon.

blog post midi skirt evase

– Executive skirt:

The skirts got a special model: the executive! And they came to give attitude and super power to the looks, representing the day-to-day life of modern women, who are independent and make their own decisions.

Laura Rosa and Titanium Jeans , have incredible pieces of executive fashion. There are several fabrics, shades and lengths to match beautiful simple and neutral blouses, or dress shirts and form that elegant ensemble!

blog post executive skirts

blog post social titanium skirt

– Midi skirt:

Of all the models we’ve talked about so far, midi is perhaps the most in evidence. Have you noticed how people have bet on this length

how store windows always present a midi skirt?

Is not for nothing. The midi is definitely the style that wanders from casual to more formal and sophisticated occasion. The tip is to consider the fabrics, details and combinations. After all, these are the factors that will lead the piece to the production you intend to assemble.

Thinking about a casual look, you can, for example, combine the midi denim skirt with a sneaker and a light fabric t-shirt, or the famous “podrinho”, with a transversal bag and that’s it. Modern, full of attitude and beautiful!

For a more sophisticated party, like a wedding, invest in a finer fabric, with bell, godê or evasê modeling, in a sober tone and a beautiful pair of heels. Ah! And don’t forget the accessories, like earrings, necklace and ring.