Denim skirts and dresses – Pieces that must be in your wardrobe!

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Denim skirts and dresses are wild in any woman’s wardrobe!

The pieces fit both casual looks and looks to go out, without fear of getting badly dressed.

The denim skirts and dresses are part of the universe of evangelical women long ago, but have not always been well regarded by fashion, following the same pattern: that famous straight cut that fell to his knees.

With the advancement of evangelical fashion, brands focused on the Christian public were appearing and innovating the models, using the trends in their pieces, adapting them to more behaved styles, excluding necklines and increasing lengths.

Currently, jeans are even more popular, not only among evangelical women , but in general. You will find several models of skirts and denim dresses. It is impossible not to like any of them! Straight modeling is not out of the options, but you can also find the styles pencil, godê, pleat, evasê and the elegant bell!

Denim skirts and dresses to go to worship

It is always important to use well-behaved pieces, especially when going to church. With evangelical fashion on the rise, it is not difficult to find varied looks to assemble a wardrobe according to your personality and maintaining discretion.

It is quite common for the models for the church to be more tidy, showing elegance in each combination. Denim skirts and dresses bring the beauty, diversity and comfort that every woman seeks, in addition to breaking that formal touch, making the look modern, youthful and balanced.

Jeans clothes make ideal productions for any situation! They are key pieces for the evangelical woman! When in doubt about what to wear, invest in jeans!

It is worth remembering that some churches have an established dress pattern. Respecting it is essential! Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when dressing for the service and paying attention to the local customs to adapt them to your style. We separated some combinations of skirts and denim dresses. Check it out now!khaadi pret sale

post blog looks jeans long skirt

Long denim skirt with cutout and front pocket, colorful T-shirt with geometric print, nude bag and white shoes.

For women who like the casual style, the look is simple, but conveys a certain elegance, caused by the denim skirt and the little heels that make the look more tidy, ideal for Sunday worship! The nude bag adds a finishing touch, adding a lot of beauty to the production!

post blog looks light jeans dress sana safinaz sale

Light Denim dress , with short sleeve, white belt at the waist and red heels sandals.

The look is simple and wild! Little jeans dress is a must-have in your wardrobe! Even having a more stripped model, if combined with a belt and a heel, it is possible to completely transform it! The look is perfect for going to worship!

post blog looks white shirt with jeans skirt and pumps

White shirt, jeans skirt and pumps.

That classic combination of jeans and white from the 90s can be modified! By exchanging the shirt for a shirt and betting on a heel, you get a more sophisticated look. There’s no mistake!

post blog looks floral blouse with denim skirt

Blouse with floral prints, straight midi denim skirt and red heel sandals.

A look full of elegance and sophistication for the evening service! The midi denim skirt, used with the delicate T-shirt, makes the look more charming and nothing informal. The midi brings a more tendency to the visual without losing the essence of the Christian woman’s clothes .

Get inspired with some looks!

Body types – which skirts and denim dresses look best on you?
There are women with different body types and, without a doubt, everyone can use the style of clothing they prefer. However, it is very interesting to warn that each model of skirt or dress is better suited to certain types of silhouette.

First of all, you need to know what your body is. There are five models for you to look at:

In the hourglass body, the waist is narrower and the hip measurement is the same as that of the shoulders. Most clothes fit well for this type, but styles of dress and evasé skirt, pleated, godê and pencil are the most suitable khaadi pret sale!

hourglass blog post

In this body, the shoulders, waist and hips have the same proportions, with no defined waist. To maintain a balance, the clothes that give more volume to the hips and mark the waist are perfect, like the dresses and skirts godê. Evasé and pleated models are also very beautiful.

blog post rectangle

The triangular body has a wider hip than the waist and shoulders. The ideal is to invest in details on the shoulders to balance the silhouette. For skirts, bet on pencil, straight and bell models with dark colors.

In relation to dresses, also opt for straight lines, pencils and bell. And remember not to skimp on the shoulder details.

blog post triangle

Oval bodies tend to have rounded lines, with slumped shoulders and a larger waist than hips and shoulders. In that case, it is necessary to bet on straight lines. Therefore, the best option for skirts and dresses are those with straight cuts.

Observe the length, try to use them at the knee or just above.

blog post looks oval jeans

The pear or inverted triangle body has broad shoulders, smaller hips and a loosely defined waist. So below, bet on volume to balance the silhouette. Skirt or pleated jeans in light colors are essential.