Types of dresses for khaadi women: always be elegant!

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To understand how to make the famous dress and boot combination, you need to understand what types of dresses

how they fit your body so that the look is as natural and refined as possible, respecting your doctrine.

Most evangelical dresses should not reveal much of the body. Generally, they have sleeves and necklines that do not reveal much of the neck and lengths that do not vulgarize the female image.

The most common and suitable for Christian women are dresses with classic length, mixi, maxi, tea and long dresses . What will dictate the type you will use is the degree of formality of the environment you are in or the event you will attend.

For example, to go to work and church, if the day is hotter, the classic length is great. For all occasions, the midi, maxi and tea sizes are the most used. At formal events, a good long dress is ideal!

The skirt model, color, prints and cuts are also dependent on the occasion. But here you can find out which one best suits your body and even those dresses that disguise your tummy if you feel uncomfortable.frock design

But let’s get to the point: how to combine dresses with boots? The Evangelical Way helps you!

Dress with boot: know how to use and rock the combination!
The dresses are versatile for any occasion and season. Summer, autumn, winter or spring, they fulfill the function of making the body more feminine and elegant and are wildcard pieces in the wardrobe of the evangelical woman.

But how to combine them with boots? This is a question that occurs in the vast majority of women. Due to its more “formal” aspect, it is common to think that boots are difficult to match with skirts or dresses, but it is very easy! See how:

Dress with short boots
Classic dresses are very versatile to wear with any shoe, especially boots! They look great on that cool day with high heeled boots or higher.

For a casual day, opt for neutral prints and similar fabric and boot color. Going to church or another evening appointment? Then bet on a short dress with a more romantic cut and cut and boots with textured fabrics, such as suede.

Midi dresses with short boots look amazing and the combinations are countless! Whether wearing a skirt or not, opt for boots with the barrel closest to the calf and with medium heels, the look is super feminine and delicate.

And the jeans dress goes with the boot ?

Certainly! Those knee-length pieces go perfectly with brown suede short boots. For something more delicate, opt for a model with an evasé skirt.

In those cooler days, nothing better than a comfortable and warm shoe, isn’t it? And you don’t have to worry, it won’t be forced or too crude.

For long dresses , boots with a very short barrel are great options. Do you know that boho chic look? It is perfectly acceptable for an evangelical woman, as it is not revealing and, even less, vulgar.

Bet on quality dresses with good modeling and good fabrics, don’t be afraid to combine them with boots!

Dress with long boots

Combining this piece with a long boot is not always common, but it is perfectly acceptable. On that winter or autumn day, high boots with long dresses are ideal!

The midi dress with high boots is also very elegant and modest, great for a church event or some work day that you want to wear a different look. Always try to use matching colors so that it doesn’t look strange.

There are many prints that go well with long boots, no matter what fabric they are made of.

Do you know the poá prints ? They are present in blouses, skirts and dresses and are very delicate to create those super elegant and romantic Christian looks, they can be easily combined with boots.

But if you like to dress in more traditional colors, know that black dresses match boots very naturally!

In order not to be loaded with black fabrics, you can choose a more colorful accessory, such as a blazer or a kimono . The shorter dresses look great with these two pieces and the boot.

It is totally possible to increase the black in your wardrobe, especially if it is a more formal event, like going to church or at a work meeting. Don’t let the fear of combinations stop you from creating amazing looks!

Via Evangélica always thinks about the well being of its customers. Being dedicated to the khaadi sale Christian life does not mean that you should wear clothes that do not value your femininity and personality. Combined?

See how easy it is to wear a dress with a boot? There are so many options that it is difficult to choose just one, isn’t it? For more content on fashion and other tips, be sure to check out our blog weekly, there’s always news!