How to combine the look with the hairstyle?

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When there are important events in the church, weddings and more formal parties, we women look for the ideal look for the occasion. But did you know that combining the look with your hairstyle makes all the difference?

It may seem crazy, but harmonizing the hairstyle with the clothes is another trick to lose weight, lengthen the silhouette and make the look even more beautiful and well produced. Whether to highlight some detail of the dress or leave the production balanced, the hair complements the look and adds a lot of charm to the final result!

How to combine the hairstyle to go to church

Combining the look with the hairstyle is valid for any situation and any look, not having to be an exclusive trick for formal parties and hair done in the salon. On a daily basis, at casual events and at church, we can think of the ideal hairstyle for each production.

Most women use their hair the same way to go to church, but have you ever thought that a simple change can transform the look completely? Just as we are concerned with choosing a beautiful outfit , paying attention to the highlights also influences the production khaadi sale.

There are several simple ways to style your hair for worship, with just a clip, a tail or a hair dryer you can make it different and highlight it.

If you have clothes that have a neckline in the front, invest in hair thrown to one side, loose or with a low ponytail, or put it all back with a bow, a clip on the fringe or with the “wet effect” ”, Which has been successful lately.

For models with a lot of information, such as flowers , prints, lace, glitter, straight hair manages to harmonize the look, making the details of the piece the point of attention of the production. If you prefer, bet on more classic hairstyles, like a common bun or a ponytail.

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Combining the hairstyle with the party look

Party looks are chosen with great care by us women. We think about each aspect, whether it will happen in the morning, afternoon or night, what is the best style for the occasion, whether it will be cold or hot, raining or not … And normally, with the hairstyle we are not as careful. Sometimes, we leave it up to decide only when we get to the salon or, at home, just in time to get ready. How about we change that?

As we have seen, a hairstyle makes all the difference in the final production, both in the silhouette of the woman and in harmony with the dress chosen for the party.

Long-sleeved dresses , for example, follow the rule that, if any part of the body is hidden, let another appear. In this case, a straight bun and a ponytail are the ideal options, as they show the neck. And it’s not just for long sleeves!

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Necklines or details on the back, max necklaces or earrings also call for hair up.

For the church, if you use puffed and detailed shoulders, dressed with sparkles or lace, the tip is to keep the strands smooth.

Dresses that leave the lap more exposed, such as strapless or fallen sleeves, combine with semi-tied hair to balance production.

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On the next special occasion, don’t forget to tune your hairstyle to your chosen look! Now that you know that the combination is capable of transforming the look entirely, pay attention when assembling the complete production, these are the details that will give your look an upgrade!

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