he striped dress has become fashionable and does not want to go out anymore!

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 In addition to being super modern, stripes can provide perfect tricks for your body silhouette.

Women’s femininity is a God-given virtue. Delicacy and strength come together and the dresses show these qualities that we all carry as a gift very well, especially the expressive prints.

The piece is perfect for both casual and elaborate looks. It depends a lot on the fabric of the dress, types of stripes, shoe choices, accessories, etc. Another detail is that the stripes look beautiful on all women!

But, as we have already commented, you must be aware of the tricks and choose the right pattern to value your body type . For you to make no mistake in choosing the stripes on the dress, we have separated some tips that will help you! Check out.

Striped Dresses: Different Patterns

Dark clothes or with dark bottoms, the V-neckline, long necklaces and nude shoes stretch a lot visually, but there is one more thing that makes a difference when composing the look: stripes!

The stripes have an enormous power to balance the silhouette of the woman’s body, especially when placed at strategic points. And let’s match, stripes are super high and deserve our attention!

We separate information about the different types of stripes in dresses, take a look:

Thin or thick stripes
When choosing the stripes of your dress, it is important to know the illusions they can cause.

The wider stripes usually flatten the silhouette and give the khaadi summer sale impression of a larger body. They are perfect stripes for those who are very skinny and want to disguise, used vertically, or for very tall women, used horizontally.

To give the impression of being thinner, the ideal are models with thin stripes and close to each other, reducing the area where it appears. Stripes with large spaces between the stripes, increases the silhouette.

Vertical stripes
Vertical stripes are perfect for short girls! In addition to helping the body visually lose width , they also stretch. They are perfect to disguise that tummy…

For very tall girls the vertical lines give the impression of even more height , invest only in details.

Horizontal stripes
Unlike vertical stripes, horizontal ones bring volume to the body. For very thin women, the horizontal lines can help to balance the silhouette. Tall ones also match this type of stripe.

Diagonal stripes
Here stripes are also used to achieve the illusion of a thinner silhouette . It is the type of stripe most democratic and chosen by women.

They transform simple dresses into modern and elegant pieces , totally up-to-date to walk around.

Mixing of horizontal, diagonal and vertical stripes

The best of these two types is that they can harmonize the silhouette by being placed at strategic points . A woman with a pearly body, for example, may abuse the horizontal lines on the bust, “increasing” the shoulder a little, while on the bottom the dress may have vertical lines, elongating and disguising the hips.

If the hips are small, the horizontal stripes can also help to enlarge, balancing the silhouette that has broad shoulders. Or you can invest in a dress with horizontal stripes at the top and bottom, and at the waist a cut with verticals to bonanza satrangi lengthen the place, like the photo below, for example.

foto 01 models dress and striped pieces diagonal and vertical colored easy resize

Asymmetrical stripes
Here we talk about those stripes that go in different directions with different widths and that mix between horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

With the same effect as diagonal stripes, asymmetrical ones can both lengthen and flatten the female body more. Everything will depend on the strategic location where each direction will be.

Colored stripes
What’s hot now is joining colored stripes in pastel colors or even with other feminine prints. The dresses are super elegant and delicate ! However, vibrant colors are also there, appearing in various contemporary combinations.

The bright colors and brightly colored stripes tend to increase the silhouette and bring a lot of casualness and informality to the final look. While the lighter stripes bring more class and sophistication to the look.

Already horizontal stripes in monochromatic gradient are perfect to disguise those unwanted love handles.

Striped dresses and their various combinations
In addition to being versatile for different places, the striped dresses also combine with several other types of clothes, shoes and accessories!

It can be used both in a casual look for everyday life, as an afternoon tea, an intense day at work, walking in the park, as well as on more formal occasions such as services, important parties, etc. It just depends on the model of the piece and the accessories and shoes you will use as a combination.

Colorful striped dresses, for example, should receive jackets, shoes and accessories in neutral colors or one of the colors of the dress, because the full weight of colors is already in the main piece.

Already a piece with neutral stripes, you can bet on a sneaker and a jacket on the body or tied at the waist for a more stripped look , or on a high heel and a suit for a more formal environment.

A cardigan for example, carries a more refined look to the dress, giving tidier options without needing much sophistication.

Especially when adding a belt in production.

The black and white striped dress is the most democratic ! Combined with different colored accessories, the look comes to life and personality!

The slit is a detail that is present in some dresses as well. The important thing here is to pay attention to the size of the opening, so that it doesn’t look too bold .