Wedding dress – Find the best option!

“The wedding invitation has arrived! And now, what clothes to wear? ” Choosing a wedding dress is not easy. Especially when we need to take into account the date, the weather, the time and the location.

With so many incredible models, the difficulty, in fact, is having to choose just one. To help you with this task, we have prepared some tips. Take a look!

What color and ideal model for the dress?

There is no ideal color or model, there are only recommendations. The most important thing is to bet on what suits your style! Just don’t go in white, after all, you don’t want to be confused with the bride, right?

See the list we brought:

Types of colors
If the idea is to invest in glamor, opt for shades of pink, such as marsala or pink. If you want something more modern , lilac, yellow and salmon are great options. Now, not to miss: blue is wildcard for weddings!

wedding colors

Dress model
An infallible tip is to put into practice the famous phrase “less is more”. A dress with a traditional model, that looks good and makes you comfortable can be the perfect look! In the case of simpler dresses, invest in strong colors, such as red, purple or even shades of green.

Fabrics are also no problem. The thing is to leave the fabric aside and bet on elegant materials. To stretch and tune your body, choose the ones that have the best fit, like silk and satin or even velvet and taffeta.

Fluid and opaque fabrics bring a modern look to the dress . The heavier and shinier ones are luxurious and flashy.

modern wedding dresses

Maintain decency
Another important point is to pay attention to decency . A very tight dress, with exaggerated neckline or short length erases our essence in Christ, drawing attention to the body.

We must take care of the length of our clothes everywhere, but at a wedding it is even more important, out of respect for the occasion. The secret is to maintain elegance without vulgarity . Evangelical dresses , for example, are the best options due to the number of different models.

Brands tend to be concerned with lengths and necklines without giving up the delicacy, beauty and silhouette of the garment.

luxurious wedding dresses

Dress tips for day and night

Tips are always welcome for us women! When deciding on the look, it is important to consider the time of the occasion . And it is certain: the invitation reveals the characteristics of the event.

When the costumes and style of the party are not written, the invitation pret wear and venue itself leave a clue as to how we should perform. A colored paper suggests a more alternative and creative look . The most classic ones demand an elegant and subtle production .

dress tips for day and night

Day Wedding Looks
For weddings during the day, the look should convey lightness , both in colors and fabric. You can invest in printed models and preferably short ones, which are small compared to long ones.

If you prefer the long ones, pay attention only to the color and pattern. Romantic dresses to fit perfectly in daytime weddings! In addition to the shapes being looser, the tones are usually clear.

Another tip is to avoid excessive sparkles in both versions of skirts, because in the afternoon the wedding environment is more clean and smooth . The sparkles are perfect for the night.

Some places allow for more elaborate pieces . Look that:

daytime wedding dress

Beach Wedding
Beach is synonymous with lightness! No matter how sophisticated the party, the venue calls for a flowing piece, with light colors . In addition to fresh and cast materials , such as lace and embroidery. But remember: maintain decency. A long dress with a nice slit harmonizes well with the occasion.

beach wedding dresses

Wedding in the countryside
In the past, country weddings had a rustic footprint, being anything but extravagant. Today, we find parties in places that are often more luxurious than in ballrooms!

We have vintage , comfy and even classic styles happening in rural environments, farms or farms. And they give you something to talk about!

Here, the light dresses are right . Little or no shine, delicate fabrics and simple long. Nature prints are also very present in these “weddings”.

Like any wedding, to choose the outfit you need to know the style of the party . Stay on top of it and build your look the best way!

comfy and classic vintage styles

Wedding at the registry office

Only for the civilian, invest in pieces without volume , since the space of the occasion will be smaller. Avoid glare and glaring elements.

marriage at the registry office

Evening Wedding Looks
The time has come to lavish elegance and good taste . The night brings the possibility of a lot of brightness and different models. Just don’t forget that the focus of the celebration is the bride!

As a guest, you are free to wear long and short dresses – remembering Christian modesty. For glamorous events, the long ones are recommended for their natural sophistication and for modern parties , the short suits well and carries femininity.

Long dresses:

Bet on basic long dresses or with sparkles in strategic places .

For luxurious weddings, you can abuse the brightness, the ruffles, the details and the prints.

And speaking of prints, if the event is nightly, opt for more serious prints, such as floral with a dark background.

long wedding evening dress

Short dresses:

The short dress is less sophisticated than the long one, and should end from the middle of the thighs downwards;

Abuse in trendy tones, like nude pink, yellow and marsala. The favorites are between races and round skirts. And the rules are practically the same as for long models