Fall fashion 2021: mid-season trends

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Autumn is the favorite season for many people.

This transition from summer to winter tends to make people “more stylish”. The mid-season climate makes us completely change the closet, leaving aside short, fresh clothes and adopting warmer pieces. Those who like milder temperatures, then, can go celebrating!

The season allows a combination of more elegant looks, with models that adapt to cool days without having to fill up with clothes. This means that the pieces do not have to be thick and heavy, since the cold in our country does not reach that level. Therefore, for the fall, the secret is to bet on overlays and sets that are fashionable. Want to know what are the trends for this year? Stay tuned for our tips below!

Fall 2021 is a little different than usual. Usually, the “almost cold” fashion is focused on dark and sober colors, combined with a scarf and neutral shoes. This time, these shades give way to animal print, neon, checkered, colorful blazers, brightness and overlays. Check out the trends:

Animal print:

It is a fact that animal prints hardly go out of style completely. In the fall / winter 2019, this trend is super high, in more elegant pieces. Blazers, skirts, dresses and shoes with snake and jaguar prints are the main trends. And to harmonize with them, bet on basic blouses that do not draw much attention. The focus should be on prints!

Although neon colors are related to summer, this fall, the “highlighter” tones are with everything, and they will certainly extend until winter. It is a fashion rescued from 1980 and one of the main trends for this season. The color rang rasiya bets are green, orange, pink and blue. But if you find the tones very striking, leave them for the more discreet details of the look.

Neon colors are free in any piece or model, from the most sophisticated to the most casual.

For those who like to be comfortable and warm, the overlap is ideal! It is not necessary to always wear blouses and dresses made of thick fabrics to keep warm, especially because indoors, the thermal sensation is different from open places. One solution is to use flexible parts that allow you to move between these environments in comfort.

The tip is to overlay the look with a female cardigan . They are basic and versatile pieces that match any model and print, making the look comfortable and stripped. In fact, it looks fantastic over the dress . It is also possible to use the cardigan with feminine sets or skirts and blouses of different styles. It’s a lot of flexibility! Bet on it for more casual moments!

The blazer is another very important overlay in the wardrobe, especially in the fall. But, unlike the cardigan, it is used in more formal moments, such as at work. The piece gives a touch of sophistication even for a stripped look. By the way, they are very suitable in combination with relaxed pieces, like jeans and T-shirt. The colorful blazer is an option for those who want to leave the obvious and leave the look more “cool”, and can be harmonized with more neutral clothes to tune the colors. It looks amazing rang rasiya lawn!nishat linen online

We all agree that Instagram is a helping hand when it comes to that quick registration that already goes to social networks, however, it is not the best choice for when you want something more unique and customizable. Millions of people use the filters every day, which is not a problem, but it leaves millions of people with the same “makeup”.

Brown skirt and coat

In addition to the neon colors, brown has everything this fall! The brown coat and skirt will accompany your mid-season from casual environments to work. It is a color that blends well with autumn and is capable of putting together diverse looks. Choose different fabrics to make your look stylish.


Bright clothes are perfect to give a glam look this fall and winter. Vinyl, leather (or fake leather) and varnish are examples of shiny fabrics that go well in these seasons. Bet on shiny skirts and jackets with basic pieces, black or white. Shiny accessories can accompany the shine of the outfit!

For everything that is now the alert of the trend of the trends! The chess is a classic that is always high in the fall / winter, but this time, he really came hard! The print can be used on various clothes and accessories: dress, skirt, blouse, jacket and more. Neutral and smooth pieces go very well with chess, especially black and white. Bet on this trend – it is timeless, so you will always be able to use it in the cold weather ahead without going out of style!

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