Midi skirt for short girls: learn to combine without making mistakes!

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The question of height has always been a sensitive topic for lovers of evangelical fashion, especially when it comes to more elongated pieces, such as the midi skirt. The darling of the moment still raises some doubts among the most indecisive or even insecure women with the outfit.

After all, knowing how to use midi skirt for short girls is a super valid question that deserves to be resolved, since fashion is universal and any woman can create a look with style, elegance and modesty, combining the midi skirt with other elements that harmonize the stature.

Want to know how?

This week,gives you the best tips on how to combine this model of skirt with other pieces of the closet to assemble combinations that circumvent the issue of height and show all the natural beauty of the little girls.

Follow the reading and discover which looks with midi skirt are trends among the short ones and perfectly match the values ​​of Christian fashion. Ready? Come on:

First of all, Via’s blog makes it very clear that the story that “short women cannot wear midi length” is completely wrong! In fact, it is the opposite: the short woman should wear a midi skirt without the slightest fear of being flattened.

The secret is in the modeling of the skirt and, as you already know, there are several types of midi skirt and we have already talked all about it here on the blog –

how about checking it out?

Each model , fairer or loose, adapts better to a body type and some models contribute to the composition of looks that lengthen the silhouette.

To have the effect of elongated silhouette, midi skirts for short girls need to follow some basic rules, so that you don’t end up making mistakes in the look and having the opposite effect to the desired one.

The essential thing is to avoid sectioning the silhouette , which basically means sana safinaz sale: not dividing the body with very contrasting pieces, which ends up breaking the harmony of the look and compromising the look.

Always look for the skirt and top, which can be a more basic T- shirt, a shirt that balances textures, colors and button prints in neutral color or similar.

In this type of combination, the loose models create a delicate , feminine and super stylish look – which goes against the precepts of evangelical fashion and Christian women. A flared or pleated midi skirt goes very well in the combination and forms ideal combinations for day to day, work and for daytime events and meetings.

If the event is nightly, you can choose a tighter model , such as the pencil model or the bell model – here, the modelito can have a basic slit, as long as it does not rise above the knee. Thus, you create a look with personality, discreet and that elongates your silhouette!

post mid skirt and evase and pleated

Take care of the bar!
This is the great trick for short girls who want to bet on midi skirt combinations: pay close attention to the skirt hem ! This is because, as you know, the midi length is all that is between the under the knee to the ankle area.

This characteristic is essential for the success of the look of the shorter woman, so be very careful, because the closer to the ankle is the hem of the skirt, the flatter the silhouette will be.

So, to rock the visu, invest in models with the highest bar , just below the knee – which creates the effect of visual continuity and consequently projects the silhouette upwards, visually enlarging the stature.

high bar post below the kneeskhaadi sale

Betting on the high waist to elevate the combination

Like the bar, another aspect is of equal relevance when choosing the ideal midi skirt, which is the waist position . For those who are short, the well-marked division between the waist and the rest of the look complements the height and harmonizes the installation.

And, in addition, the well-defined waist adds a lot of femininity to the look, an essential aspect of evangelical fashion – style, sophistication, delicacy and discretion! For the tip to make sense, you can combine the skirt with a sleeved blouse and create an overlay with a third piece, the result is fantastic!

high waist midi post khaadi eid collection

Monochrome mood: lengthening the look!

Following the hint of continuity of the silhouette, nothing is more appropriate than monochromatic looks. It may seem that the combination causes the opposite effect, leaving everything “one color”, however, the combination of pieces in similar colors and tones considerably expands the shape of the body, adding a few centimeters more visually.

So, explore the possibilities of the monochromatic mood ! You can combine a tighter midi skirt with a t-shirt or blouse and finish with a kimono in the same color as the rest of the look – the basic monochromatic look is full of attitude.

Ah! remember that the monochrome tip also applies to the shoe, ok? If it is not possible to find a model that follows the color palette of the look, bet on the good and classic nude shoe to close with a golden key.

An important tip is that, if you are short, you should avoid wearing shoes that “cut” your foot, such as ankle boots and very closed shoes . Give preference to more open models, such as sandals, stockings, pumps and the like.

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