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You followed a little bit through my social networks the coverage of fashion, lifestyle and beauty I did in Paris with the girls #descomplicadas (@ Well, I made a compilation of the trends that took place at Paris Fashion Week, which is the hottest fashion week, that is, a lot of inspiration I took from there. And how to put the catwalk #trends here on the Brazilian streets in a way that makes sense without being too cartoonish or too exaggerated?

Being in Paris alone is already very inspiring. The city breathes good taste and attitude in every corner we pass. Whether in a cafe, lunch with friends in any restaurant, be it an exhibition we admire or a stop for wine. Voilà, good thing will come out, sure!

For those who want to be up to date with what will be in summer 2021this is the ideal time to update. Trends are already coming to stores reinventing items from past seasons and bringing some more innovative proposals.

A nice tip is to keep an eye on some reinterpretations of the 1980s. Exaggerations in prints or shapes will mark the months of heat. The same must happen with transparencies (which also had great moments in the 1990s).

Check out everything that happened there.


Floral prints come with everything, but without the minimalism often associated with them. In 2018 the highlight will be the larger flowers with differentiated patterns. Romanticism will not be left out, but it will also leave the commonplace and have a little less lightness, since the flowers will come combined with a dark background nishat.

The handmade look will also be on the rise in 2021. The floral prints will super combine with this trend.

Nature will be one of the basic themes for the brands.

Therefore, in addition to the flowers, which we have already mentioned, the summer 2021

prints will be very inspired by wild animals

The strong colors will be present in all types of pieces, from the simplest t-shirts to the most elaborate looks.

Investing in items that have something curious and unusual can help to make your looks more powerful and with more attitude. Phrases with female empowerment will also have a lot of visibility in the coming months.

Pieces that overlay transparencies to traditional fabrics arrive with everything to add more sensuality to summer looks. The most fashionistas will not be afraid to combine, for example, a dress that mixes cotton with transparent fabrics like tulle or organza.

But, it is worth reinforcing that, despite being a super trend, girls, it is cool that we are always connected to not pass the limit that divides sensuality from vulgarity. A styling trick that helps to give a balanced look is to combine the transparencies with less sensual complements, such as jeans, sneakers or sneakers. For those who want a little more daring, without losing glamor, especially in the looks for the night, the metallic or glittery accessories will be great options.


Exaggeration is also the trend for accessories next summer. Maxi earrings, necklaces and bracelets will appear a lot in the evening looks, but they can also be used without any problem in everyday life.

In the case of handbags it is the opposite: the highlight is for small ones, especially structured ones (those that look like a “mini suitcase”). For the summer they come with prints and cutouts that make all the difference. For those who like to rock the load of belongings, this is a good reason to stay in fashion.

The belts came back with everything, marking the waist a little higher than normal. They come wider, of course and, we will see again until the resurgence of the use of the double belt marking the waist. In order not to make the look too polluted, try not to mix too many prints and colors. The belt in the same color as the clothes is an infallible tip to keep the result clean.

The sporty style will not be the novelty of the season, as it has been a trend recently. But, he remains firm and strong. For the hottest season of the year, the looks will not be entirely sporty or casual, but will gain a little more glamor. The aesthetic is more sophisticated and focuses on details, such as: side stripes, color block cutouts and printed letterings (elements typical of the sports universe).