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When we enter the stores and see that infinity of options, we cannot imagine how judicious the selection process is before reaching those racks, right? But did you know that those pieces, many of them trends of the season, were enunciated by the most powerful brands in the world many months before? Yeah! This is the case of the metallic one, which we are going to talk about today and which came with everything in summer 2021 and promises to be around for a long time.

He appeared discreet all winter, but promises to reign in the hottest season of the year. And I bet you will fall in love with this futuristic trend!

Absolute in the 1980s and more timid in the following decades, the metallized gradually resurfaced. In the past seasons, it was more drawn initially to black and then to silve

This time, he came back a little differently: much more sobia nazir colorful. And, if you have a summer look trend that was very successful during SPFW, it was him.


The colored metallic came as a great trend. To get even more in , invest in pleated skirts, both in lurex and lamé, which, with the right accessories, can be used even during the day, without fear.

Fashionistas are betting on more feminine proposals, such as pink tones, for a more delicate look, but the more vibrant colors also have a guaranteed place in the season. You can compose the mix using only one point of light, such as shoes or a vest, combining with more basic pieces. But, if the proposal is a more striking look, create an entire metallic look.

A good image and style consultancy can help you choose the best combination with metallic. But, anyway, I have some tips: for those who are starting, the main thing is precisely this alternation between the metallic and the basic. Who already feels more comfortable, can bet on a monochromatic look, like a dress, for example. Who is not afraid to dare, can play in mixtures of various metallic tones at once.sobia nazir


In addition to being present in clothes and accessories, the style has also appeared in full force in makeup, especially in lipsticks. They have powerful effects, like giving the impression that the lips are bigger. You have a very wide range of colors to choose from:

Pink lipsticks give a romantic look, even when they are darker. The red metallic is full of attitude. Copper and brown are the jokers of the metallized ones and adapt to any skin tone, including brunettes and blacks.

In order not to overload the look, avoid combining them with metallic or very bright shadows, especially during the day.

In general, the metallic can make any look more interesting.

But it is necessary to take care not to miss the hand and, most importantly: start slowly and gradually discover your style.

In this adaptation period, a good option is to exchange the black eyeliner for silver, gold or copper. See other tips to brighten your eyes:

• Silver: the silver tones give the makeup a touch of freshness.

• Golden: for a more striking night make-up, don’t be afraid to bet on golden tones.

• Copper: reinforce the striking effect on the look.

Gradually try other shades, like blue, for example.


That metal matches the night, no one doubts. Worth a dress, pants and blouse. On the feet, boots can be the touch of attitude that won’t let anyone go unnoticed.

A more sophisticated look can arise from the combination of metallic with pieces in darker and more sober colors, such as black, wine, navy, dark green, lead gray. Leather also goes well with metallic at night, as does velvet.

The colors can also be in the metallic in the strongest shades, like green and blue.

But always remember that the metallic is already quite striking, so it is essential to seek balance.